Why Are Ectomorphs Good At Basketball?

18 January 2022

The easy answer is that basketball players need lots of endurance to be able to perform well and the perfect body type is of ectomorph people.

This article is going to focus on exactly what it means if someone is an ectomorph body type why it helps people to become good at certain sports such as basketball.


Physical characteristics – tall, lean, tiny hips, and small chests.

Metabolic characteristics – slow muscle gain and fast metabolism.

There are some pure benefits of having an ectomorph body type explained in the following video:

Why are ectomorphs good at basketball?

Here are some of the things that make ectomorphs so good at basketball:

Long limbs

Ectomorphs are lean and tall with just a little build thus long-distance sports such as basketball suits them the best. They have long limbs that give them an advantage. They don’t have much weight in their upper body thus it means that their longs don’t have to carry much weight. Long limbs cover up for the change in direction and slow sprints. They prove to be a great advantage when it comes to powerful jumps or strokes that are much needed in basketball.

These long limbs help them create high speed which is because of the long-range motions that have to be performed when throwing or hitting the ball. They also have high flexibility because of them.


Ectomorphs have a lean body because of their fast metabolism and don’t gain weight much easier. This makes them more prone to injuries that is why long-distance sports. Their ability to gain strength is amazing and that is why basketball is a good option for them.

Being light in weight serves them an advantage. Basketball is a sport that requires you to be light on your feet. As they are unable to gain weight it means that an ectomorph gains strength without having to gain any weight in their body. This serves to be a great trait if you only want increased strength and not weight. This way you even stay light on your feet with polished skills and strength needed to play a basketball game.

Low Center of Gravity

This characteristic of their body gives them more advantage over other players. A low center of gravity allows a person to be faster, balanced, increase in their accuracy of dribbling the basketball and also protect it from rival teammates.

Light Bones

This is another factor why the weight of ectomorphs is low. This is why they are best suited for games that require distance and endurance. They are also able to jump longer distances because of this.

Better thermoregulation

Thermoregulation is a natural process of the body for cooling it down. The intense movements of the athletes during a game can lead their bodies to heat up. Here you start facing challenges to thermoregulation. The body starts a physiological mechanism so as to prevent the temperature from rising in the core.

As ectomorphs have a small surface area they are able to control their breathing and body temperature more efficiently than any body type. This gives them an edge over the other body types. This is another reason they are so good at playing basketball.


Height is yet another important factor when it comes to being good at basketball. It automatically improves a person’s performance. Ectomorphs are tall and thus they get an advantage while rebounding, passing, playing defense, shooting, and blocking. Thanks to their height they can jump to greater heights which is very beneficial while playing basketball.


When you read all of the above points as to why ectomorphs are good at basketball you won’t be able to disagree with that. They have a lot of things up the sleeves that give them an advantage in playing basketball over the other body types. They can even gain strength without gaining any mass. What would someone else need more than that quality? All these things point to one thing that if you are an ectomorph you should definitely try playing basketball.