Why Are Baseball Bats Made Round?- Explained

22 December 2021

Perhaps the most notable characteristic of baseball is one of the equipment being used which is the baseball bat.

Most baseball bats are made from wood and they are used to hit the ball being thrown by the pitcher.

Are baseball bats regulated in terms of their size and weight?

By Major League Baseball or MLB regulations the bat must not exceed 2.75 inches or 7cm in diameter at its thickest part and no more than 42 inches in length and it only must weigh around 33 – 34 ounces or approximately 1kg. The parts of the bat are the barrel which is the thickest part and usually is made contact with the incoming ball, top-end, handle, and knob this is all essential to the baseball bat’s durability and integrity. Baseball bats are usually made from wood specifically maple, hickory, and bamboo.

What shape do baseball bats need to be?

They are strictly shaped and molded into a round shape. It is easier to control giving more confidence and less resistance due to the shape, this makes it comfortable to hold and to swing. This can also be supported via scientific explanation known as Moment of Inertia wherein it measures the resistance of the body to an angular acceleration in this case the baseball bat, due to its rounded shape there is less resistance and a higher chance of hitting the ball in a stronger and more powerful momentum of swinging making it travel at a higher distance and it also makes it more likely a player will hit the ball to the audience.

How can players swing so far?

Many of the fans think that the reason why a baseball player can hit the ball far is because it is their talent, or due to rigorous training. Most of these fans theories are true, but science is also playing a key role in why these certain athletes can swing farther. These players have only a fraction of a second to decide wether to swing at all and even less time to hit the ball so it can not be said that baseball players do not need to be talented. At the same time, the shape and size of the bat are also important in helping players get a higher average of successfully hitting the ball which is why the MLB has been maintaining strict guidelines when it comes to making baseball bats.

Are metal baseball bats allowed to be used?

In Major League Baseball or MLB baseball bats are strictly made from wood and not metal due to the unfair advantage they could give to the hitter and disadvantage to the pitcher. A safety concern plays an important role as the power when swinging an aluminum bat increases tremendously making the ball travel much faster which leads to an impact that could potentially injure the opposing team and fans.

This is the main reason why the baseball bats are shaped in a rounded way and are made only from wood to avoid any accidents that might occur in the field.

How much do baseball bats cost?

The cost of these baseball bats varies from $30 – $500 range it really depends on the type of wood and the manufacturer. A bat signed by a famous player such as Babe Ruth can cost over $1 million due to its historical value and because it was used in an actual baseball game, owned by Babe Ruth himself.

To whether the user is a hobbyist, amateur, or professional athlete, the baseball bat is not a simple toy it is made of strong wooden materials that can potentially injure or kill someone if used incorrectly.


Overall the functions and design of a baseball bat can determine the swinging power of the player since most hitters have accurate eye coordination and focus so having the proper baseball bat in a game is critical for the team’s success which is why the baseball bats must have the same dimensions such as weight, size, and shape. Its durable construction helps to withstand the swinging power of the player and be able to hit the ball as far away as possible.