What NFL Players Took Ballet?

28 January 2023

It may seem like an unlikely combination, but a number of NFL players have actually taken ballet as a way to improve their performance on the football field. While ballet is often associated with grace and finesse, it can also be a physically demanding and grueling form of exercise that requires strength, flexibility, and control. For NFL players looking to improve their agility, balance, and coordination, ballet can be a valuable addition to their training regimen.

NFL PlayersBenefits from Ballet
Odell Beckham Jr.Improved agility and footwork
George KittleImproved balance and coordination
Julian EdelmanImproved body control
Antonio BrownImproved precision in movement

Odell Beckham Jr. and Ballet

Odell Beckham Jr. was among the first NFL players to apply ballet as part of their training regime in 2016. He worked with Jared Angle, a principal dancer, and choreographer at New York City Ballet, to hone his agility and footwork skills. According to Beckham himself, ballet significantly enhanced him physically by providing “better balance, body control [and] flow.”

Other NFL players who use Ballet

Other NFL star athletes such as George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers, Julian Edelman from the New England Patriots, and Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers have all incorporated ballet into their training regimen. Each one has commended ballet for its ability to enhance balance, coordination, and overall body control – just like Odell Beckham Jr., who first embraced this form of exercise within his fitness routine.

Ballet improves Control and Precision

Football players can reap great rewards from ballet due to the high focus on control and precision in movement. While dancing, these athletes must be able to maneuver their feet, legs, and hips with accuracy while also ensuring a sturdy core. This attention to detail directly relates to football since it requires quick changes of direction and careful positioning; both skills that can be improved through ballet training.

Ballet improves Strength and Flexibility

Not only can ballet improve your control and accuracy, but it also helps football players become stronger and more flexible. By holding various positions for an extended amount of time during the exercises, you will build up muscular strength as well as stamina. This dance form places a hefty emphasis on flexibility too; this means that footballers who practice it may be able to increase their range of motion while reducing their chances of getting injured.

Ballet improves Body Awareness and Coordination

Ballet offers football players the advantage of elevating their body awareness and coordination. The art form requires dancers to be continuously aware of each part of their body, as well as coordinate movements with both music and other dancers. This concentration on proprioception and control carries over onto a football field, where athletes must move in an orderly manner for maximum efficiency.

Conclusion: Ballet as a valuable tool for NFL players

Ballet is not typically associated with football, yet it has been an invaluable training resource for many NFL athletes. Ballet enhances strength, agility, control, and coordination – all essential aspects of the game. The next time you witness a skillful spin or agile change of direction during a match-up, be sure to thank ballet for helping make that successful maneuver possible!