What is Warren Johnson Doing Now?

28 April 2022

Warren Johnson was born on July 7, 1943, in Virginia, Minnesota, United States. He is now a retired American NHRA grad racing driver.

He won the AAA Midwest Nationals in Madison Illinois. He became the oldest winner in NRHA history at the age of 66. Warren Johnson is currently a member of the Kiz Toys’ Board of Advisors.

What has Warren Johnson been doing in recent times?

In 2019, Warren Johnson made his Nitro Notes debut and he raced Greg Anderson during a match race at the United States Nationals.

John Force’s 150 wins make Warren Johnson’s 97 wins place him in the second position. His son Kurt Johnson himself won 40 races in the Pro Stock class. Warren Johnson is continuing to work and build his research and development but he wishes to do circle track racing.

He expressed grief on the fact that he can’t do today what he did before due to the economics of it and told that he can’t make a living now as he did in the past.

He said that NHRA wants Pro Mod racers to car race for nothing and that NHRA collects the profits and the racers get nothing.

Warren Johnson was an active Pro Stock racer from 1976 to 2013. He had 97 wins in one fifty-one final round. His fastest laps were (ET) 6.561 and (MPH)211.26.

His best finish (first) was six times in the year 1992 till 2001 in a row. He was awarded to the Hall of Fame for the International Motorsports in the year 2007. Currently, Warren Johnson is also part of Kiz Toys’ BOA. Kiz Toys is actually a toy brand based in Georgia, Cumming. Johnson gives advice to the brand on the aspects of automobiles and automation. This company has a line named KizMoto.

Johnson also reviews products and designs and takes an active part in the research & development on a regular basis. Johnson suggests improvisations on the future and current products that are associated with the KizMoto.

NHRA champion of 2010

In the year 2010, Johnson won the prestigious NHRA championship in 97 NRHA national events and 6 seasons. In the MMRST, Johnson is a 2-time IHRA champion. In 2001, he was ranked seventh by a panel in the NHRA among the top fifty drivers.

He is the first Pro Stock driver to achieve a sub-6.9-second pass along with a 6.894 second run at Richmond.

Are Warren Johnson and Greg Anderson having a rivalry?

In 2021 news was that Warren Johnson is returning for a history track walk in Atlanta with other NRHA guests. Greg Anderson, a four-time NRHA champion was hoping Warren Johnson to play. Warren Johnson was a six-time champion and Anderson’s former mentor.

Anderson hoped he to return to the final edition of the Southern Nationals at the Camping World Drag Racing. But Johnson told no the proposal.

Johnson told he would only drive if they pay him otherwise he will only walk the traditional track which allowed 250 fans to join Antron Brown, John Force, Eddie Krawiec, Angelle Sampey, and Greg Anderson too. Johnson thought at his age driving is not a realistic thought.

Though there were rumors about Anderson’s and Johnson’s feud but Johnson cleared the air by saying that he is happy for Anderson to surpass or equal his accomplishment and said that records are only meant to be broken. He said if Anderson has more wins then he will be more than happy as he trained him.

History of Greg Anderson and Warren Johnson:

Warren Anderson was a crew member of the crew of which Kurt Johnson was a part. Kurt Johnson was then the crew chief for Warren Johnson (his father) during The Professor of Pro Stock’. He was the crew chief of four among the total six championship runs.

Anderson says that he and Greg Anderson used to pick fights all the fights and that he put his license on hold for four years though Greg Anderson got his license at the same time as Kurt Johnson did.

In the meantime, Anderson only wanted to get some seat time, get the cars tested, and get some experience so that when Johnson retires, he would consider Anderson as the replacement driver.