What is Tony Stewart Doing Now?

28 April 2022

If you look up Tony Stewart, you will see his rather countless contributions in the field of car racing. From go-karts, stock cars, and sprint cars to eventually reaching his long and fruitful journey in the NASCAR Series, one can expect that Stewart has gone through almost everything throughout his career.

There’s definitely no chance that enthusiasts will forget this pro racer, which is why his retirement in 2016 was considered a great loss in the field.

That said, you may be wondering, what is Tony Stewart doing now? Is he still working along the lines of car racing, or is he in a completely different aspect of life in the present? This is what we’re going to find out in the following sections.

Career and Businesses

After retiring as a professional racer in 2016 due to personal reasons, Tony Stewart, more commonly known as “Smoke,” focused on being a businessman. As of the present, he owns about twelve companies under True Speed Enterprises, his main venture. This is the main reason why Stewart is now deemed not just a serial entrepreneur but also a successful one.

Stewart’s businesses are present in diverse fields, but you can still expect most of it to revolve around the racing industry.

One of Smoke’s very first yet short-lived ventures is the Tri-Star Motorsports. This team consisted of three racers that competed for Stewart in several races. This lasted from 1999 to 2001, way before his retirement.

Stewart also owns Custom Works, a company that manufactures remote control cars. He bought this in 2003 from the then-owners, which were his long-time friends.

In the same year, the retired racer founded his own charity organization, the “Tony Stewart Foundation.” It’s a rather all-in-one organization since it offers assistance to injured motorsport drivers, children with chronic illnesses, and even animals.

Moving on, one of the biggest ventures that Stewart has is the Stewart-Haas Racing, which basically paved the way for the retired professional’s success and recognition in the business field. It was his first co-ownership company with a 50% stake.

Stewart-Haas Racing

Stewart-Haas Racing was officially founded in 2008 and is still functioning in the present. This allowed Stewart to race occasionally alongside his recruited team. Ryan Newman and Kevin Harvick play a big role in making this venture successful.

Announcing the said venture was actually a controversy at the time because of the fact that the racer had to leave his long-time team. Of course, Stewart eventually proved them wrong through his 556-win streak record in 2009.

A significant part of Stewart’s journey as a businessman started in 2004 when he began to buy several motorsport venues, such as the Eldora Speedway in Ohio, Paducah International Raceway in Kentucky, and Macon Speedway in Illinois.

By 2014, the racer started a PR Firm, which is True Speed Communications. This company covered scoops revolving around motorsports and NASCAR events.

Then went 2017, when the racer also made headlines when he bought the All Star Circuit of Champions (ASCoC), one of the long-standing venues for sprint car races.

From 2020 up to 2022, Tony Stewart is often seen as a part of multiple developments of car series, such as Superstar Racing Experience or SRX and Prelude to the Dream.

Safe to say, out of all the aspects of Stewart’s life after retirement, his journey as a serial entrepreneur probably garnered the most.

Personal Life

Just this March 2021, Tony Stewart shared very heartwarming news about his engagement with Leah Pruett, also a race car driver. They got married in November, which makes them married for not less than a year as of the time this is written.

Stewart and Pruett still don’t have a child, and there is currently no news yet about their plans. One thing is for sure, though; the couple is enjoying their similar interests in drag racing.


To wrap it up, what is Tony Stewart doing now?

Well, enthusiasts will be glad to know that Tony Stewart can still be found behind the scenes of the racing tracks. He currently co-owns several tracks, which he also manages on the side.

Stewart has also gained several achievements even after his retirement, such as being featured on EA Sports’ magazine cover, racing games, and music videos.

Of course, the racer has also stumbled upon issues, very tragic ones at that, during his career. This isn’t something that should be brushed off, but this didn’t stop him from making the most out of his life. Rest assured that his name and legacy will long be glorified in the field of racing.