What is the Purpose of Breakdancing?

26 September 2022

Breakdancing has been around for decades, but it doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Sure, some people think of it as a fad or an activity for bored teenagers.

But in reality, breakdancing is a form of dance that requires physical coordination and dedication to master. It takes years to become a great b-boy or b-girl; that’s why they’re called “masters” of their art!

So what purpose does breakdancing serve?

It’s a fun way to connect with others through dance

Dance can be a great way for people of all ages and social backgrounds to come together in their community, have fun, and make friends.

Breakdancing can give you the opportunity to meet new people that share your interests. It’s also a great place to practice some basic social skills like introducing yourself, talking about what you’re good at (like breakdancing), or simply asking someone who they are and why they came out today.


It has a communal, familial aspect that helps prevent violence

Breakdancing can help prevent violence in communities by providing an outlet for people who are feeling frustrated or angry. It’s a great way to get your energy out in a healthy way, rather than taking it out on other people.

Breakdancing helps connect you with others in your community. People from all walks of life come together through breakdancing, which can help build stronger relationships among different groups. As part of this community, you’ll have the opportunity to make friends and get to know other people who share your interests.

Learning movement can teach discipline and help kids stay physically fit

You might be surprised to learn that breakdancing is an excellent way to get kids moving and help them stay physically fit. As you’re probably aware, exercise leads to increased energy levels and a healthier body, but it also has benefits that go beyond physical fitness. In addition to teaching basic movement skills, breakdancing can also teach children discipline and focus skills they’ll use throughout their lives!

By focusing on the movements involved in breakdancing, kids learn how to work together as a team while improving their coordination and balance. This helps them develop self-confidence and build strong relationships with others by encouraging them to cooperate instead of competing against one another for attention or praise from adults.

Breakdancing breaks down gender roles

Breakdancing challenges gender roles and stereotypes, showing children that it’s okay for boys and girls to do things that aren’t traditionally considered feminine or masculine. It also helps to teach children about gender equality and diversity in general. Breakdancing can give children a sense of belonging, especially if they’re part of an organized team or school club.

The same basic movements are used for all the different styles of breakdancing-it’s not about who can do them best, but how well you work together as a team.


Breakdancing is a form of urban art.

This means that it can be used to express feelings and ideas in a way that isn’t possible through spoken words.

Breakdancers use their bodies as a medium for expression, like an artist uses paint or clay. As you learn to breakdance, you’ll begin to see ways to express yourself through movement and rhythm as well as with your voice and words!

Breakdancing also builds community. As we’ve seen throughout history, when people come together around shared values or interests (like love for one another), they’re able to build strong relationships with one another that last far beyond whatever moment brought them together in the first place! That’s why it’s important for us all – especially young people – to keep learning new things: so we can keep connecting with others!

Breakdancing is a valuable skill in terms of community building and personal growth.