What is Rashad Evans Doing Now? Where Is He Selling Customized Video Shoutouts?

Rashad Evans was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2019 and officially announced his decision to retire from the UFC in June 2019. At the time, Evans planned to step back from the UFC in order to fight in other MMA championships. However, at the time Evans did not end up competing in any other MMA championships.

However, like many MMA fighters Evans recently decided to come out of retirement in order to see if he could still compete at a high level as part of the Eagle Fighting Championship. To discover information about his unexpected comeback and Evans’s current projects outside of the octagon, simply continue reading.

What is Rashad Evans doing now?

On the 28th of January, 2022 Evans stepped into the octagon once again in order to fight Gabriel Checco at Eagle FC 44. Before, his comeback Evans was honest about his intentions and announced that he didn’t know how long he’d fight, due to his age.

Evans claimed that he just wanted to get in the ring again to fight, to see whether he would be open to accepting more fights. However, as Evans won his bout against Checco by unanimous decision, it’s highly likely that Evans will accept future matchups. Though Evans has announced that at age 42, he doesn’t have delusions about competitively fighting for several years and that his comeback will most likely be short-lived.

Tried himself as a UFC commentator

Before stepping back into the octagon, Evans landed numerous high-profile gigs as a UFC commentator. For example, in 2021 Evans was invited to be a desk host at UFC Fight Night 194. It’s not an unusual move for former fighters to serve on UFC commentary teams and other examples of former fighters providing in-depth commentary to UFC fight nights include Kenny Florian, Frank Mir, Chael Sonnen, and Randy Couture. So even if Evans decides to retire from fighting again, it’s highly likely that you’ll see him analyzing UFC fights as a commentator.

Celebrity boxing match against Roy Jones Junior

Outside of the world of MMA, Evans has also announced a keen interest in competing in a celebrity boxing match against either Roy Jones Junior who is 52, or social media star Logan Paul. The latter of whom is now known for his boxing career as well as being a YouTube star.

Especially after Logan Paul fought against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. Evans did announce that his management team had reached out to both Roy Jones Junior’s management team and Logan Paul’s management team for preliminary talks. Evans did confirm that even if he’s unable to close a deal to fight Logan Paul or Roy Jones Junior, he would still be interested in fighting other boxers.

Why is Evans potentially more interested in boxing rather than reviving his MMA career? Evans revealed that boxing takes less of a toll on his body than MMA fighting, which suits Evans better now that he is in his forties. Another reason why Evans is keen to become a boxer is that he sees himself as a prizefighter and is aware that the prize pool for exhibition boxing matches is high and that it would make financial sense to sign up for a high-profile boxing match.

He also revealed that he believed that Floyd Mayweather took it easy on Logan Paul as he has business interests with Logan Paul and his equally famous brother and that it would be easy for him to beat Logan Paul. Who has far less experience as a fighter? Evans told interviewers that if he got into a ring with Logan Paul, he would not take it easy on him due to his celebrity and instead would end the fight early. As he is highly competitive and would not draw out a fight unnecessarily.

Appearing on Cameo for fans to purchase customized shoutouts

Now that his career as a UFC fighter is over, Evans is also looking for creative opportunities to make extra money. For example, Evans can be found on Cameo, a website where fans can purchase customized video shoutouts from celebrities. Currently, Rashad offers personalized videos for personal use and videos for businesses. So if you’d like a custom shout-out from Rashad Evans, it’s well worth heading to Cameo.