What is Matt Hughes Doing Now? Has He Fully Recovered After His Accident?

9 June 2022

Twice UFC Welter-Weight Champion Matt Hughes was in a terrible train accident back in 2017. After suffering head injuries, doctors had to put him into a medically induced coma. Although the accident could have been fatal, Hughes survived and continues to stay fit and active today.

Matt Hughes Today

Almost four years after the accident, the fighter continues to work on his recovery. Being active on social media, he shares photos and videos of him training away at the gym. Matt mentions how the damage indicated by his MRI results shows that he was lucky to still be alive following the accident. He talks about how his life has taken a shift in many ways, some that have been beneficial, while others not so much. Although he was advised that he could have suffered locked-in syndrome, a neurological disorder where all of the body becomes paralyzed, with only the eyes being able to move, he remains positive. He never ended up with the disorder, and so he continues to recover, strengthen his body, and engage in training.

Staying Positive Through Pain

Three years after the accident, Hughes posted a status on Instagram to give his followers an update on his well-being. In it, he talked about all of the pain and hardship that he had to endure, not just following the accident but still years on. Each day brings its own struggles that the fighter has to overcome, even though he has seen a lot of improvement being made. These kinds of struggles are typical for those who have suffered a brain injury. For a while, Matt started to feel depressed and as if he were becoming a burden to those around him since he wasn’t fully able to take care of himself. He talks about feeling “worthless.”

Matt takes a more positive approach these days. He still hits his low points from time to time, but he’s dedicated to not letting it get the better of him. He said he wouldn’t allow the feeling that things won’t get better to get on top of him, and he works to overcome his struggles in life as they appear.

Daily Fights and Struggles

While speaking about what it’s like to have a brain injury, Hughes highlights the importance of loved ones being patient with him. This should be the case for all who are caring for someone with a brain injury. Fights and arguments over minor issues aren’t appropriate or worthwhile. That could only hold the person back and lead to unnecessary tension and frustration within the relationship. He said it’s important for family members to educate themselves on the topic of brain injury and its implications. That way, by understanding that the person’s actions have a reason, it can become much easier to accept them when they don’t act as they normally would or require extra help and care.

Interview with Dad Talk Today

In an interview with Dad Talk Today, Matt discusses his life more recently and how his life compares now than it used to. Matt expressed the difficulty in how his ability to talk has changed, but that he accepts this and still pushes to progress in life. He takes the approach that you can’t change the past, but you can direct your future.

Matt’s friends have helped him set up his Instagram and social media accounts. While he would prefer solitude and not to be in the limelight as much, he appreciates those who have given their time and energy to help and support him, so he tries his best to do the same. Matt says his motivation to keep going is his love for helping and challenging others. His competitive side works to his advantage, and striving to be the best has stuck by him in his fight for recovery.

He still endeavors to progress in his training, and the time of videoing was completing a leg workout challenge. It’s truly inspirational that despite all that Hughes has had to endure, his zest for fitness hasn’t fallen away.

The interviewer tells Matt how much of an inspiration he has been to stay so positive during his recovery and that he still is making an impact on his fans even today as he strives for improvement.