What is Katie Ledecky doing now?

20 April 2022

Katie Ledecky is arguably the most decorated and popular female swimmer on the American Olympic swimming team. She is just 1 of the 7 female Olympic swimmers to have 10 Olympic medals. Now at the age of 25, Ledecky is far from retirement but looks forward to Paris 2024.

Recent Times

In the recent Tokyo Summer Olympics, Ledecky continued to pile on her medals with 2 golds and 2 silvers, marking that this isn’t the end of her career.

In total, Ledecky has swum 10 races totaling 6,200 meters. Not to mention that she is one of the first women to compete in the 1,500-meter freestyle competition, which she of course won the gold for as well as the 800-meter freestyle competition which is basically a staple bout for her.

This now gives Katie a total of 6 Individual Olympic gold medals, the most that any other female in the Olympics currently has.

Ledecky told the press that right after the Tokyo Olympics she will get started on preparing for Paris in 2024.

One thing about Katie Ledeky that you need to know is that she hates being out of water. And training with a college team and going back and forth from Washington D.C. to visit family has put her out of water longer than she would’ve wanted. This poses an issue for her desire to compete better and faster in the coming Paris Summer Olympics.

Paris 2024

In September of 2021, Katie announced one of the big moves she is doing in preparation for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris. She will be moving out of her home base, Stanford University to the East at the University of Florida.

In a tweet, Ledecky shares she has decided to move bases and train under renowned coach Anthony Nesty, and she is very thankful for the support and the years she has spent at Stanford University. This is also the same place wherein Katie broke and set records and of course, gained her degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in Political Science.

Ledeky’s move is truly a mark of her dedication and passion for swimming and bringing home more medals and of course breaking and setting new records. It was Ledeky herself who got in touch with Coach Nesty and opened the possibility of being able to train with his male team.

Training with men

Another thing you must note is that Katie has been training with men at a very young age, even adapting male elite-level techniques in her swimming form.

Coach Nesty adds that Katie’s inclusion and decision to join his program will not just possibly amp up her performance in the coming Olympics and local meets in the USA, but also open the possibility for female swimmers to also apply male elite-level techniques to their swimming forms.

Ledecky has been showing a lot of progress in her recent meets, being approximately 3-4 seconds faster for the 400-meter bout and the 1,500-meter bout. What is currently working for her now is that she is faster than her fastest time for her staple event the 800-meter bout.

Katie Ledecky is truly an inspiration for a lot of swimmers, especially female swimmers. Her presence in the Olympics gives so much hope and aspiration to young swimmers and opens so many doors for female swimmers.

Katie is far from retiring at this point, her eyes are set for Paris 2024, and even Los Angeles 2028. Making her possibly the oldest American Swimmer competing at the time.

Early Years

Ledecky, a Washington D.C. native was born in 1997 to David and Mary Ledecky. Mary Ledecky was also a collegiate swimmer who became a great role model for Katie and her brother Michael who she also swam with.

Her success in the pool comes with no surprise, this young swimmer started racking up medals at the age of 6 and broke her first American Olympic record for the 800-meter freestyle competition at the age of 15, coincidentally this was also her first year in the Olympics.

In her Collegiate days, Katie was able to set records in the NCAA and even American records, only in her freshman year at Stanford University. She was able to set 12 NCAA records and 9 American records.