What is Jerome Bettis doing today?

Jerome Bettis has achieved massive success since the last time he suited up for Notre Dame. Some of his achievements include the Pro Football Hall of Fame, winner at the Super Bowl, and a legend at Pittsburgh Steelers. Besides, it was the Super Bowl after which he retired from the game.

Back to school

Despite having a successful career, nothing made him overlook the burning fact that he left Notre Dame without completing his degree. Wondering what is Jerome Bettis doing these days? Well, he is back at the university to finish what he started 27 years ago.

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30 years in the making:

Jerome Bettis, a former NFL star returns to Notre Dame to complete his degree after a gap of about 30 years. This was the buzz among people when the extraordinary news spread wide after the legend declared his ambition. It took almost 30 years after his final season as a Hall of Fame Pro Footballer to complete his college degree.

Finally, `The Bus’ made plans to go back to school and in great style. Almost thirty years after his last season as a Pro Footballer, Jerome Bettis is reluctant to complete his college degree. The Hall of Famer who is now 49 is now a few months away from fulfilling his dream and promise that he hoarded for a long time.

Bettis promised his mother that he will get a college degree 18 years after his retirement from an outstanding career with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams. What’s interesting about Bettis is that the man who took ten touchdowns during his final season in 1992 for the Fighting Irish is all set to become a student for the class of 2022.

The best part is that he is over two times the age of his classmates. Speaking to a news correspondent, Bettis told that he is many times behind the usual form of studies. Also, he shared his views about struggling with modern technology and sometimes feeling like a dinosaur.

As it appears that the runner popularly known as `the Bus’, who once hit right through the defenses is now getting lost and finding it hard to get to new buildings and campuses. He is like a college freshman who uses a real pen and pad instead of an iPad to take notes.

Although his whole studies and career came before a majority of students were even born, he is quite a figure amidst the snowdrifts on the campus of Notre Dame this winter. It goes without doubt that everyone in the school knows who `The Bus’ really is at Notre Dame.

Bettis was early to leave Notre Dame for the final NFL draft just after completing his junior season. Besides, he was the 10th among all the players that competed in the first round by the Rams that took place in the year 1993.

As of now, the 8th time leading rusher is about four courses away from a prestigious business degree. He already has medals and recognitions and now wants to add a specialized degree to his list of achievements. Bettis promised his mother that he will get the degree and become the first one in his family to graduate from college.

Time with family

Moreover, Bettis has two children and so he wants them to see their dad as someone who stands firm on his decision that was taken about 27 years ago. Getting a degree from Notre Dame is the most important thing both for Bettis and his family.

Bettis believes that he can become a better student at 49 and he wants to learn more about things. Also, he believes that this degree will bring great results in his post-football career that involves staffing, trucking, marketing, and developing companies. Moreover, he has plans to improve himself as a television personality with the degree.


Jerome Bettis has enough money for his children and their children when it comes to their education. But one thing is clear he believes that age isn’t a barrier when it is to pursuing your dreams. And, he surely doesn’t want to die with the fact that he went to Notre Dame. Rather, he wants to become an alumnus of the prestigious University and be remembered as someone who didn’t allow desire to burn away.