What is Dominique Wilkins Doing Now?

11 April 2022

It’s just right to say that Dominique Wilkins is one of the living legends in the field of basketball. In the past, he played for the Atlanta Hawks, where he made significant history. Throughout his career as a basketball player, Wilkins displayed exemplary performance, which deemed him one of the best professional dunkers in the league.

This being stated, it’s evident that Dominique Wilkins was and still is loved and admired even after his retirement in 1999.

So, what is he up to now in the present? Is he in the field? What is his current career, and how is his personal life going? Many are surely wondering about these aspects, which is why this article will walk you through everything you need to know about the present Dominique Wilkins?

Business Endeavors

Apart from having a full-time job, Dominique Wilkins has also participated in various business endeavors from 2010 up to the present.

The entrepreneur Wilkins started with a partnership for a fitness company, specifically 24-Hour Fitness. He followed this up with a basketball academy designed to help aspiring athletes develop their skills and work their way into the professional league. The facility offers a clinic, training camp, and others that are necessary for skill-building.

He named the academy “Dominique Wilkins Basketball Academy.” You can find this in Pearl City in Hawaii. Periodically, Wilkins also holds basketball camps in various cities to go in line with his academy.

Just recently, Wilkins also started his own wine label under the name “Wilkins Private Reserve Label.” This is where he will release his own line of fine wines. Fans like to call this “Nique’s Wine” as a way of making them distinct.

Wilkins also owns a number of nonprofit organizations, like Kulture City to state one, and charity programs as a way of giving back to the community.

Achievements and Issues

Possibly one of the most outstanding achievements of Dominique Wilkins after retirement is having a statue in front of the State Farm Arena. The organization of Atlanta Hawks initiated this and finished building it in March 2015. This is surely a good indication of their contribution to Wilkins in the field.

Another thing, Wilkins also bagged a championship in the NBA Shooting Stars, along with Chris Bosh and Swin Cash. They managed to get this award for three years, from 2013 up to 2015.

On the downside, a top topic in 2021 featured a very eye-opening issue that Wilkins encountered – racism. He states that a restaurant, La Bibloquet, did not assist him properly, more so let him eat inside the establishment because of his skin color. He vented out his frustration about the event through his Twitter account and almost instantly trended in the news.


As of 2022, Dominique Wilkins takes on the role of Atlanta Hawks’ Vice President of Basketball Operations. He has been in this position since 2004, five years after he retired from the sport.

In a nutshell, Wilkins is responsible for ensuring that the team does well in terms of aspects like team management, business operations, and other matters relating to basketball. He also acts as an advisor for the possible issues of the members, specifically for those that are a part of the senior society.

The then-athlete is also a color commentator during Hawks’ games. Here, Wilkins works hand in hand with Bob Rathbun. You can catch them both on Hawks LIVE! for Bally Sports.

Occasionally, Wilkins also casts as a guest for TV campaigns, commercials, and likes.


To sum it up, Dominique Wilkins is still in the field of basketball, but in a different light. He now works along the sidelines as the Vice President of Basketball Operations. His current profession revolves around field management, which makes his position very important to keep basketball one of the best sports around.

Wilkins also took the path of being a businessman. He owns a lot of businesses in various fields. This assures his long-term stability both in his present career and life. From time to time, he participates in charity programs and even organizes some himself.

Of course, ups and downs have also happened since the athlete’s retirement, mostly about racism and discrimination. However, fans can rest assured that Dominique Wilkins is living a good life in terms of his profession and familial relationships.