What Is Boston Mike`s Chess Rating?-Watch His Best Game Against Hikaru

27 November 2021

Boston Mike is a leading player on chess.com and he is primarily known for playing as a member of the Coffee Chess team on youtube.

He is one of the most entertaining figures to watch playing.

He is known for his strategic moves and well-thought-out game planning and has hilarious humor.

But where exactly does Boston Mike stand when it comes to chess ratings??

Boston Mike`s Chess Rating:

Currently, Boston Mike has played 12,697 games on chess.com and his highest rating was 882 on 13th June 2021. In Bullet games, his highest rating is 1019 which he had only recently achieved on 6th November 2021. High Rapid rating is 855, Bullet rating is 840, Daily rating is 896, and Puzzle rating is 1721.

I can not resist but link here one of my favorite youtube videos in which Boston Mike is playing against Super Grand Master Hikaru Nakamura. Here it is:


In the following few sections, we will learn more about Boston Mike’s chess rating and delve deeper into the concept of chess hustling.

Who are chess hustlers?

Even before you understand the ratings of chess hustlers in detail, it is crucial to first understand who a chess hustler is in the first place.

These individuals are primarily the people you will find at parks, bars, and other points of attraction, playing chess to grab the attention of tourists. If you’ve visited an outdoor spot, there’s a high possibility that you’ve spotted them.

But why exactly do these hustlers play chess in public? Well, they do that to let tourists and locals bet money on their games.

Because they are extremely talented players, the match is nail-biting, to say the least, and the experience is truly fulfilling.

As a side note, I once had a chance to play against a real chess hustler while waiting for my train and it was so enjoyable that I was pretty much happy to lose a bit of money just to play. The atmosphere and trash talk around these games are incredible.

What is the rank of a hustler?

While there isn’t any predefined rank, most Chess hustlers come with a rating between 1500 and 1800. Depending on the level of expertise, some of these professionals can also cross 2000.

The defining quality of these hustlers is the fact that they are competent enough to outshine any average or above-average chess performer.

Another major trait of hustlers is that they do not participate in tournament matches. If they did, their ratings would shoot up even higher.

However, there’s still a way to judge these experts and find out if they are indeed skilled and competent enough.

If the player has crossed the 2000 mark, they can be considered a titled contestant. Even though this isn’t close to an actual rating, it is still extremely powerful. With the right platform, these players can easily beat anyone who professionally plays chess.

In case you are from the United States and have some idea about the status of USCF, you probably know that Chess Hustlers with a rating between 1600 and 1799 are considered to be from the second or B class.

Even though you will find a bunch of players who go the extra mile to get the 2000 rank, the majority of the hustlers are within this average bracket.

These groups of players are fairly average. While they are intimidating, that is at a measured level, and there is a possibility to outshine them.

With that said, they aren’t slackers and know their game extremely well. That is why it is crucial to examine their moves to understand what they are up for.

If you are betting on these players, we will add more perspective to their scores. Most of these average players in the B rank can successfully outshine 65% of chess players, regardless of their experience or expertise.

The number can get even higher. But these players shy away from tournaments, thus keeping their games simpler and more accessible.

The biggest relief for these players is the fact that they are so competent in the game that can make money off it at any point. They already know that they are competing with non-invested or lightly invested players. That way, winning gets even easier.

How strong is an average chess hustler?

Most chess hustlers come with a rating between 1500 and 1800. Depending on their skills and expertise they can even score up and beyond 2000. The biggest and most defining quality of these hustlers lies in the fact that they can seamlessly play any game regardless of the environmental conditions.

So, whether the environment is noisy, distracting, or uncomfortable, these players will still ace the game. Given Mike Boston’s current rating, he stands quite near the finish line. Because he also comes with a puzzle rating of 1721, this is a good enough score to compete with an average chess hustler.

When are Chess hustlers at their best form?

Given the rank and number of chess hustlers, you are probably wondering when these experts reach the peak of their form.

While there isn’t any specific rule of thumb to understand that, the main idea lies in the time format. The different chess hustlers have varying strengths which correlate with the total game time.

That is also the reason why these individuals avoid tournament settings that tend to go longer on a strict schedule. These individuals like to be in control, so they try to make the most of that through short chess games.

One of the key specialties of these hustlers is blitz games that vary between 1 to 5 minutes for every player. Some of them also specialize in bullet games that fall under the same time bracket. So, as you see, these players have a pattern. They try to follow a time format that is easy for the crowd to consume.

These experts also play chess daily and some enthusiasts have coined this practice Fast Chess. Because they play in shorter timeframes, they are compelled to think fast and act even faster. This allows them to outshine even the strongest competitors.

In case you didn’t already know, tournament chess involves extra long hours and plenty of calculation. For some, it can get extremely exhausting.

So, if you ask a tournament player to have a tactical game within a short time format, they may not always succeed in the endeavor. Why? Because they are used to extensive calculations, quick thinking won’t necessarily suit them.

Bottom Line

The most defining and remarkable trait of a chess hustler is the fact that they are extremely focused. These individuals are extremely strategic and they play fast chess-like none other. Boston Mike is a champion in this department and with time he will only get better.