What is Bas Rutten Doing Right Now? Coaching, Acting, and Religion

Bas Rutten is an American-Dutch actor and former mixed-martial artist. Although he was famous as a martial artist and kickboxer, being crowned the King of Pancrase World Champion three times during his career, today he no longer competes. Rutten is a retired fighter but is still involved in the sport as a coach. His net worth is currently estimated in excess of $1 million.

Coaching Career

Rutten is qualified in coaching and instructing multiple disciplinary arts within mixed martial arts and fighting, including MTBN Thai Boxing and Krav Maga. Since ending his fighting career, he has had the privilege of coaching the famed street fighter Kimbo Slice during his MMA career, and the wrestler Samoa Joe. Rutten also got to train Mark Kerr while he was being filmed for The Smashing Machine, an HBO documentary, and was previously a coach for the International Fight League. He used to be an investor in Holywood’s Legends MMA gym where he had previously coached in.

Today, Rutten is also the co-owner of an MMA gym called Bas Rutten’s Elite Mixed Martial Arts, which is based in Thousand Oaks in California. Rutten coaches the class on Tuesdays every week.

Acting Career and TV

After he stopped fighting, Rutten was featured in several different movies. In 2012 he featured in the movie Here Comes the Sun with Kevin James. Before that, he also made an appearance in the comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop in 2009 and was a voice actor in Zookeeper two years later.

He also co-hosts Inside MMA, an MMA program shown on television every week. He’s also hosted Punk Payback, a self-defense program for Fuel TV. He has been the commentator for many fight shows and organizations, including what used to be Pride Fighting Championships.

Personal Life

Currently, Bas Rutten is living in Westlake Village in California. He’s married to Karin to whim he has daughters called Bianca and Sabine, who both live with them. He also has another daughter from his previous marriage called Rachele and a grandson.

To the Spanish, Rutten is known as “El Guapo” which translates in English to “The Handsome One.” He’ remains close friends with former UFC fighter Gerard Gordeau who resides back in Rutten’s homeland of the Netherlands.

Returning to religion

Rutten is a devoted Catholic and openly talks about his faith online. While he stopped practicing his faith when he was young, at the age of 12, Rutten became re-committed and started taking his faith seriously again in 2013. He gives thanks to his friends, including Kevin James, for helping him return to religion. He also has been known for defending the Catholic faith and has expressed his disagreement with Hollywood’s discrimination against Catholicism.


Bas Rutten has 10 tattoos in total. Here’s what tattoos he has and what he says they mean:

1) Chinese Symbols on his Hand

On the inside of his left hand, Rutten has a Chinese symbol. He says this is his “lucky charm” since he has not lost any fights after getting this tattoo.

2) Chinese Symbol on his Other Hand

On the inside of his right hand, Rutten has a different Chinese symbol. Rutten mentioned in an interview that this one symbolizes longevity, or living for a long time.

3) Five Leave Red Clover Tattoo

The tattoo on the inside of his left forearm is of a five leave red clover, which also means “good luck.”

4) Tatoo of his Wife’s Name

His wife’s name, Karin, is tattooed on his fingers on his left hand.

5) Football Tattoo

A football symbol is tattooed on the outside of his right arm.

6) Tattoo of his Daughter’s Name

As he turns his right-hand wrist, you’ll be able to see the name Bianca and Rachele tattooed. These are the names of two of his daughters.

7) Symbol on his Arm

He has a leaf-shaped tattoo on the outside of his right forearm.

8) Script on his Right Forearm

On the outside of his left forearm, Rutten has an Urdu script tattooed.

9) Fire Symbol on his Leg

On his right leg, he has the symbol of a fire tattooed.

10) Symbols on his Left Leg

He has a few small symbols marked also on his left leg.