What is Anthony Johnson Doing Now? Is He Coming Back?

9 June 2022

In an interview, Anthony Johnson disclosed the industry for which he is quitting MMA for the very first time. And it seems like it has something to do with marijuana. His current business.

The ex-UFC title and present Bellator light heavyweight contender has yet to receive clearance to contest. As per Scott Coker, Johnson (23-6 MMA, 1-0 BMMA) is not fully recovered from an unknown sickness that pushed him out of a title chance.

Johnson says that he will miss certain fighting elements, such as enjoying time with friends at the training or on the road preparing for fights. Despite this, Johnson claims there are plenty of reasons to quit in a risk vs. benefit situation since fighting is deadly, and he was eager to remove that risk from his formula.

Anthony Johnson’s retirement

After competing in martial arts, Johnson founded Competitive Body Development, a CBD oil business. He was named the chief of fighter interactions for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship in early 2019.

After he decided to retire in April, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson had to giggle at some rumors surrounding his post-fighting profession. Johnson stunned the MMA world when he announced his retirement after a second-round submission defeat to Daniel Cormier at UFC 210, which functioned as his final bout.

His CBD business

Johnson also alluded to a different career path that he will announce later, but conjecture about what he had been planning to do next was rife, such as a post-fight position with the Los Angeles Rams.

Johnson, it turns out, had intentions after the fight, but had nothing to do with football. He said that his friend Paul is in the cannabis industry, and he was going to open a facility together with him. Johnson admitted on “Heated Conversations’ ‘ with former WWE superstar Booker T that it’s for medicinal purposes. Adding that, they were obstructing things.

Both had a lot of wonderful stuff going on. It’s already quite large. They were waiting for that law to pass, and as soon as it did, they finally set it up. They did everything they could to make the best of their situation. To start the CBD business, the two had no option but to follow the rules to avoid getting into the law.

Johnson advised that if one can find employment or anything that would help them develop, grow or earn more profits without working nearly as much as before, particularly if it is inflicting bodily injury like in your prior career, you should jump on board. That is what he is doing with his life today.

But, as Johnson pointed out, that wasn’t just the reason. In the MMA arena, the hitter known as “Rumble” indicated his desire to retire was motivated by his future well-being. He stated that his health was crucial. Adding that people suffer from CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and other such things. Injuries to the head. You hurt your physique playing football and other sports, but in MMA, it can happen just as quickly as in any other activity because you’re always fighting each other. He said that he adores himself, something that many guys don’t consider.

His personal narration

Johnson currently lives in Florida, a country that has progressed toward legalizing more medicinal cannabis usage, but the regulations are still in flux as they iron out some rules and restrictions following a last-year change. Of course, he didn’t say whether his company would be in Florida, which would make the most sense.

In terms of his boxing career, Johnson claims that starting a business wasn’t the main reason he left the game at 33. As per Johnson, concerns about his health, particularly repeated head injuries, played a large role in his decision to step down after his last fight with Cormier at UFC 210.

Is he coming back for a fight in the octagon?

In terms of a comeback, Johnson is adamant that he has fought his last bout and is handing over mixed martial arts to a new generation of athletes who can handle his absence.

Even though it has been a few years since Johnson retired, he is adamant about his choice and has no plans to slip on the mitts and return to the Octagon. He is no longer interested in that lifestyle. It was entertaining while it lasted, so he’s content, and his attention is on something bigger, safer, and better, which is the CBD oil company.