What is Allison Stokke Doing Now?

We often wonder what happened to our favorite celebrities- not all of them go out with a bang, after all.

Sometimes, the most famous people can disappear from public sight and even return to living a normal life!

Allison Stokke is one such person. She left pole vault behind and works as a fitness model and influencer instead. What is Allison Stokke up to in 2022? Let’s find out!

Allison as a pole vaulter and fitness model

Allison Stokke was an American pole vaulter turned fitness model who became famous after a photo of her went viral on the internet.

Stokke, a high school pole vaulter who broke numerous world records, became an internet phenomenon after photos of her went viral online. Allison Stokke worked as a model and has already made a name for herself in the world of pole vaulting, breaking many records.

Early life of Allison Stoke

Born to Allen and Cindy Stokke in Newport Beach, California, Stoke grew up in a sports family: her older brother, David, was a national youth gymnast. Her father Allan Stokke and her mother Cindy Stokke encouraged her to play sports from an early age.

Stoke became an incredible pole vaulter and eventually reach the highest level in his sport. Allison Stokke first tried gymnastics when she entered Newport Harbor High School.

She was especially interested in pole vaulting and it didn’t take long for her to become one of the top young vaulters in the United States. Allison Rebecca Stokke Fowler, also known as Allison Stokke, is also a well-known American fitness model, and track and field athlete, known for breaking several school pole vault records.

Why did Allison Stokke’s career end?

After just turning 18, she was involuntarily shown up as a sex symbol in several popular magazines. This left a distaste for her for years and ultimately led to the end of her career. Refusing to participate in the over-sexualization of women, Allison saw fit to bow out and allow herself the reprieve of no longer being in public sight. She can’t be blamed for the decision- garnering international notoriety, for all the wrong reasons.

Allison’s dad, a lawyer, assisted her with not only helping to gain her reputation back but also clearing her name in the public eye and stopping tabloids from further exploitation. Although the damage had already been mostly done, she at least prevented it from happening further.

Scholarship at the Univercity of California

Allison Stock received a scholarship in athletics and entered the University of California, where she continued to practice pole vaulting. Her love continued to pole vault while attending college at UC Berkeley and became an All-American but never made the Olympic team. She’s not competed since 2017, preferring to focus on her modeling career and supporting her husband’s sports career.

Allison Stock lived to see her pole vault career earning top pole vault titles and All-American status. She also made a YouTube series with GoPro in which she talks about pole vaulting and sells the camera features of their products. Allison Stock is still in California, living with her husband Ricky Fowler while they wait for a new family member.

Is Allison Stokke still married?

Marrying her husband in 2017, Allison has settled down for a quieter life, as a wife of the famous golf player. Although no longer professionally competing in pole vaulting, Allison has not expressed any dissuade from her love of the ancient sport. She can often be spotted at golf games with her husband, Ricky.

Allison became a celebrity and is still famous to this day, she prefers to live a quiet and relatively “boring” life. After all of the scandals, over-sexualization, and general chicanery she had to face at such a young age, can you blame her for just wanting to live her best life? I know I can’t. Allison Stokke’s legacy will live on- regardless of how certain parties try to twist it. Maybe one day, she’ll return to the limelight for all the right reasons, but for now… I just hope she’s happy and healthy.