Vicis Helmets: The NFL’s Top Choice for Head Protection

28 January 2023

For the past few years, player safety and preventing head-related injuries have been top priorities for the NFL. To accomplish this goal, helmet technology has advanced significantly – with Vicis helmets emerging as a popular choice among professional players. The use of these innovative helmets is one of the most reliable ways to keep athletes safe while they are on the field.

What is the Vicis helmet?

The Vicis helmet is an exemplary piece of equipment that promises to reduce the potential for serious head injuries. Unlike traditional helmets which simply deflect impact, this unique outer shell flexes and absorbs it, slowing the deceleration of your head in a notably safer manner. With its innovative design and superior kinetic energy absorption capabilities, you can rest assured knowing that your safety comes first with Vicis!

Why are NFL players choosing the Vicis helmet?

NFL players are turning to the Vicis helmet for its unparalleled level of protection. This helmet has a unique design that absorbs impact more than traditional helmets, thus drastically decreasing head injury risks. On top of that, it’s lightweight and comfortable – two aspects that make this an exceptionally attractive alternative to the conventional models available in the market today. Amongst those who rely on the Vicis helmet is a long list of professional football stars including Trent Williams (Washington Football Team), Bobby Wagner (Seattle Seahawks), JJ Watt (Houston Texans), and so forth.

  • Russell Wilson: The Seattle Seahawks quarterback was one of the first NFL players to start using the Vicis helmet. He has been vocal about his support for the helmet, praising its comfort and protection.
  • J.J. Watt: The Houston Texans defensive end has also been a vocal supporter of the Vicis helmet. He switched to the helmet in 2018 and has since stated that it is one of the most comfortable helmets he has ever worn.
  • Drew Brees: The New Orleans Saints quarterback has also made the switch to the Vicis helmet. He has stated that the helmet’s superior protection is one of the main reasons he chose to use it.
  • Tyrann Mathieu: The Kansas City Chiefs safety switched to the Vicis helmet in 2019 and has praised the helmet for its lightweight and comfortable design.
  • Mitchell Trubisky: The Chicago Bears quarterback is one of the many NFL players who have switched to the Vicis helmet in recent years. He stated that the helmet’s protection and comfort were the main reasons he chose to use it.

All things considered, it’s no wonder why the Vicis helmet has rapidly become one of the most sought-after helmets among NFL players. Its cutting-edge design surpasses traditional helmets in impact absorption, granting athletes superior protection from potential harm. Moreover, its lightweight and comfortable build makes it even more appealing to those seeking secure yet cozy headgear. The increasing popularity of this helmet amongst pro footballers is a clear indication that this could be how we protect our heads during these games moving forward!