Is Minor League Baseball a Full-Time Job?

5 January 2022

No, minor league baseball is not a full-time job. The salary players get makes it nearly impossible to rely on for survival. Minor league full-time players work hard to become majors. However, many players struggle to pay their rent and for other essentials.

Some players spend eighty percent of their salary on housing. In addition to housing, there are some other expenses. They need to spend on living costs and even on some equipment.

How Much Do They Receive?

The average salary of a Minor League player is around $1,100 per month. Also, they do not receive a paycheck every month. They get their payment during the season. The salary of minor league players increases moderately at every step. and they hardly receive more even after reaching the Double-A stage.

The Double-A salary starts from 15,000. It is only two steps away from majors. In brief, minor players can make around $7,500 per year, therefore, they cannot consider it a full-time job. During the off-season, they look for other jobs in order to earn extra money.

Additionally, minor league full-time players do not receive salaries during spring training. They work throughout the month without pay and have to wait for their paychecks for a few more weeks after the season starts.

Minor League Players Spend on Equipment

Even if they do not receive a regular payment, they spend on many things to be in the game. The MLB teams provide only a few types of equipment.

Players get t-shirts, shorts, and baseballs from their respective teams. Teams will also offer a limited number of bats but players will have to buy some other pieces of equipment. They will have to spend on cleats, gloves, and training shoes. In brief, they will have to spend on most equipment except basics.

What about housing & foods

Players have to arrange their own housing. Their teams will not provide them with accommodation.

In most cases, players cannot afford a place on their own, so they share their place with other teammates. The objective is to find affordable housing options during the season.

How Many Games Do They Play?

The number of games they play per season depends on if they are Triple-A, Double-A, High A, or Single-A. It varies between 132 and 150 and the league continues for around five months.

Do Minor League Players Receive a Signing Bonus?

A recent analysis reveals that twenty-one percent of players receive around $1,000, and thirty-five percent receive around $5,000 or less. However, all the players sign the same Minor League Uniform Player Contract and the terms and conditions of the contract will be the same for all players.

Minor league players cannot rely on the game for their survival. The salary does not support their living expenses fully. They need to spend on equipment and living expenses so they have to take on regular jobs as often as they can to earn enough money. They will also have to join the training in the off-season with no pay. Hence, they keep searching for jobs to survive during the off-season.