How much does LongoMatch subscription cost?

24 September 2022

Being able to review past games is a must for coaches in any sport, be it soccer, hockey, or football. But for the longest time, these tools were exclusive to professionals and not available to most people.

Of course, as technology marches more and more features become available on our devices and markets, and that’s exactly what LongoMatch is offering for the world of sports video analysis. Now anybody can now access proper analysis tools even from their phone, and today we will be taking a look at what this really means and how much it ultimately costs.

What is LongoMatch?

LongoMatch is a video analysis software designed for sports, or in other words a program that can offer valuable insight on sports plays and matches based on a video feed. This means that coaches can see deeper into the game whether it’s soccer or hockey through a live feed or by importing video of previous matches.

LongoMatch makes coaching easier, and the fact that it even allows for live analysis can mean a massive change in the way your future matches go.

What’s the cost of a LongoMatch subscription?

The cost of a LongoMatch subscription will vary based on two main factors: First if you want to subscribe to LongoMatch Desktop or Mobile, and then which plan you want on each version of the software.

To make things clear LongoMatch Desktop and Mobile are considered different products altogether and you don’t need to use them together. You can synchronize them, but depending on your needs this might not be an urgent need. After all, they both offer live analysis and the option to import videos, so what changes the most is the device you’ll be using.

For the Desktop version of LongoMatch these are the current plans:

  • Basic ($0)
  • Starter ($15 Month / $150 Year)
  • Pro ($55 Month / $550 Year)

While the Mobile version of the software offers these plans:

  • Free ($0)
  • Premium ($9.99 Month / $99 Year)

What does each subscription model offer?

So now that we have an idea of what each subscription model offers let’s go over what are the key differences in each plan so you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Regarding the Desktop version of LongoMatch, the Basic plan offers limited projects, teams dashboards, and events for your organizing needs. Additionally, the Basic plan only offers live analysis with a USB camera, so keep in mind what tools you have access to before committing to a plan.

The Starter plan expands considerably on what Basic has to offer by making sure all those organizing tools are unlimited, and it also adds tech support, a database, and more supported camera options. The Pro plan makes sure to add everything that is included on the Starter plan on top of multi-camera analysis, XML Import and Export, Excel features, and even a license for the Premium version of LongoMatch Mobile,

As for the Mobile version of LongoMatch, the Free Plan allows you to record and code your match directly on your device, but you can only have one project at a time. Going Premium however allows you to do unlimited projects, dashboards, and teams as well as sync all of the above to the Desktop version. This means you can keep your workflow on both platforms without any issues or limitations.