Frequently Asked Questions About Zinedine Zidane

17 July 2022

Zidane is one of the most famous tacticians in European football competitions. He has been the Real Madrid football club interim manager but left the club at the end of the 2020/2021 season. This ended Zidane’s second spell with the Los Blancos at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. He has been a free agent since he left the club. Here are some questions many people ask about this legendary ex-playmaker, Zidane.

What is Zidane doing now?

Zidane has been silent and out of duty last season after leaving his former managing club, Real Madrid, last year. He has rejected many big offers from top clubs in England and Gulf in the previous season, including the Manchester United football club.

He is currently enjoying his life privately with less interest in accepting offers of work from several European clubs. Zidane was the most successful coach in Real Madrid’s managerial history. He managed to win over eleven trophies for the club. Zidane has presently decided to keep a low profile and is with rumors spreading of him becoming the next French national team coach after the FIFA 2022 world cup tournament.

Did Materazzi apologize to Zidane?

Materazzi apologized to Zidane but reacted negatively and, therefore, never accepted the apology. According to Materazzi, he was told by his head coach Marcello Lippi to mark Zidane after scoring in the first half at the France goal. They clashed with him and later decided to apologize to Zidane after the third clash. Zidane, who was then the France captain, said he “would rather die” than accept Materazzi’s apology.

Did Messi play against Zidane?

Yes, Messi played against Zidane in the earlier time when Messi was a forward player at the Barcelona football club. The boy Ronaldinho, who was also among the forward players at Barcelona and Leonel Messi, proved the club to be unstoppable in football competitions in the 2004/2005 season.

However, the Legendary ex-playmaker Zidane, playing for Barcelona’s rival Real Madrid, played against Messi to stop him by all means with plenty of fouls. This was a strategy to collect points from Barcelona, which was proving to be a challenging task for any club in the league.

Did Ramos and Zidane play together?

In 2005, Ramos and Zidane became teammates while playing at Real Madrid Football Club. Zidane revealed this information on his official Instagram platform. In his statement, Zidane posted a direct and emotional message to the legendary playmaker, Sergio Ramos, who left the club to join the Paris St German football club last year. He wrote, “Legend, it was a great pleasure and honor to have you as a player and a teammate.”

Did Benzema play with Zidane?

Zidane played an essential role in the signing of Karim Benzema to real Madrid in 2009. He was later appointed as the sporting advisor of the Real Madrid football club the following year. The fact that Zidane contributed to the transfer deal of Benzema was a clear indication of his affection for the real Madrid football club. However, Benzema never played together with Zidane as teammates but was among the players coached by Zidane during his managerial period at Real Madrid.

What is Zidane famous for?

Zidane was a veteran France soccer player representing his team in the 1998 world cup. He also led the team in winning the 2000 European football championships. He was the France national team captain and helped the team win these two major trophies. In addition, Zidane also found success in coaching after retiring from football. He had coached Real Madrid, one of the top Spanish clubs. He becomes the most successful manager in the club, winning more than 11 trophies for the club.

Why did Zidane not play for Algeria?

The Legendary ex-playmaker Zinedine Zidane was a France national team player. However, a rumor spread that Abdelhamid Kermali, the Algerian national team head coach, denied Zidane a chance to be part of the Algerian squad. According to the information, the manager denied the legend, a young midfielder at that time, a position claiming he was not fast enough.

However, this rumor was later dismissed by Zidane himself in 2005 in an interview. The ex-playmaker said that he had already played for the France national team, and it would have been too ineligible to join Algeria’s national team.


Zidane is one of the top-ranked football managers in Europe today. The former Real Madrid interim coach is a legendary ex-playmaker with a higher track record in his football career. He is one of the most successful managers in his career. I hope you have learned much about the former France national team captain.