Everything to Know About Phillip Champion, The Hot Sauce

15 May 2023

Phillip Champion, also known as “The Hot Sauce,” is a streetball legend and a former member of the AND1 Mixtape Tour. Born on June 13, 1976, in Orlando, Florida, Hot Sauce started playing basketball at a young age and quickly developed a passion for the game.

Early Life and Career

Growing up, Hot Sauce played basketball at the local parks and playgrounds in Orlando. His unique style and flashy moves quickly caught the attention of the crowds, and he soon became a local celebrity.

In 1999, Hot Sauce joined the AND1 Mixtape Tour, a traveling basketball show that showcased the best streetball players from around the world. With his electrifying moves and entertaining personality, Hot Sauce quickly became one of the most popular players on the tour.

The AND1 Mixtape Tour

During his time with the AND1 Mixtape Tour, Hot Sauce became known for his signature move, the “Hot Sauce Move,” where he would dribble the ball between his opponent’s legs and catch it on the other side. His flashy style and showmanship made him a fan favorite and helped to popularize streetball culture around the world.

Hot Sauce played with the AND1 Mixtape Tour for several years, traveling to countries such as China, Japan, and Australia, and playing in front of thousands of fans. He also appeared in several AND1 Mixtape videos and commercials, which helped to further cement his status as a streetball legend.

Life after AND1

After leaving the AND1 Mixtape Tour, Hot Sauce continued to play streetball and participate in various basketball events around the world. He also appeared in several movies and TV shows, including the film “Crossover” and the MTV series “Wild ‘N Out.”

He never played in the NBA.

In addition to his basketball career, Hot Sauce has also started his own clothing line and has worked as a motivational speaker, inspiring young people to pursue their dreams and follow their passions.


Hot Sauce’s impact on streetball culture cannot be overstated. He helped to popularize streetball and bring it to a wider audience, inspiring a new generation of players and fans.

His unique style and signature moves continue to be imitated and appreciated by basketball players around the world, and his legacy as a streetball legend is secure.


In conclusion, Phillip Champion, The Hot Sauce, is a basketball icon and a true legend of the game. His electrifying moves, entertaining personality, and contributions to streetball culture have made him a beloved and respected figure in the basketball world.

Whether you’re a fan of streetball or simply appreciate great basketball, there’s no denying the impact that Hot Sauce has had on the game.