Does Magnus Carlsen Teach Chess?

28 July 2022

Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess prodigy and holds the longest unbeaten streak record in classical chess. A chess grandmaster and multiple championship title holder, Magnus Carlsen is known for a variety of attacking styles when he starts his matches which his opponents find hard to counterattack.

Because of his passion for chess, he co-founded a chess engine app in October 2013 called Play Magnus. He launched the app to invite more people to play chess. On this app, you will be able to play chess matches based on Magnus Carlsen’s ability.

Aside from the app, Play Magnus also has a website where you can play chess, train, get a membership, and learn lessons. Magnus Carlsen has also developed other brands that may help you improve your chess skills.

Does Magnus Carlsen Provide Any Chess Training?

Yes, when you visit, you will be able to access the Magnus Trainer. This can be downloaded to iOS and Android, but you may use it on the web as well. Aside from Magnus Trainer, there are also other apps such as Tactics Frenzy, Play Magnus, and Knight Runner.

The training provided on Magnus Trainer can be done through online lessons. These lessons cover the foundation, tactics, strategies, calculations, openings, end games, and highlights of tournaments from 2017 up to 2022.

If you download the Magnus Trainer app and choose to study from there, your chess lessons will be divided into four courses where you can access several lessons and games. You may follow the order of the courses recommended by professional trainers or you can have your order and phase of chess lessons. In each session, you will be offered a game where you can apply what you have learned from the current lesson.

How Much Does It Cost To Learn Chess on

The lessons on the website through Magnus Trainer can be accessed for free. However, these lessons are limited and you can only access the preview versions. If you would like to access the full versions, you need to pay a membership fee which costs $14.70 a month. Aside from the lessons, you will also be able to have full access to the other Play Magnus apps.

You can also check the other brands of Play Magnus for their course offerings. Chessable has more than a hundred courses that cover advanced chess fundamentals, endgames, openings, and more. Prices for these courses depend on the content of the course.

Another brand from Play Magnus is the Magnus Chess Academy. This brand has online workshops, chess clubs, and an online academy which starts at $49 per month.

Who Is The Training Provided For? Is It For Beginners Only?

Magnus Trainer can be used by chess players who are new to the game and experienced players who want to improve their skills in chess. These lessons are created by Magnus Carlsen and other Grand Masters that have extensive experience in coaching.

Aside from the lessons, the app also has fun games which can be played by kids who are starting to learn chess. These games are by level starting from the easiest and can be played by beginners up to the hardest difficulty which are for experts. All the contents available in the app are available and engaging to chess players of all levels.

How Long Does It Take To Get Better By Learning From Carlsen?

Depending on your interest and how much you are enjoying chess, you will be able to speed up your skills by six months – being a beginner to an average chess player. This is if you dedicate most of your time to learning and playing chess matches. However, if you spend some hours every day studying a chess lesson or playing a game, it can take you a year or two to become an average chess player.

Learning chess does not only require the basic movements of each piece. You should also learn the most effective techniques to do the openings, endgame, and manage the game. All these techniques and moves can be learned and perfected by dedicating time to training and practicing.

Final Words

Like in other sports or disciplines, it takes exceptional skill and dedication to reach higher levels in chess. Learning the basics and the fundamentals of the game is important to every movement of each chess piece. Getting the training from Play Magnus can be a big help when you are starting to develop your interest in chess.