Does George Clooney Play Tennis?

26 July 2022

George Clooney is an actor and filmmaker known for some of the biggest movies to ever debut such as Ocean’s Eleven. Clooney leads a private life alongside his wife Amal and two children. Not only is Clooney an inspirational Hollywood actor, but he also leads an active lifestyle.

As far as tennis is concerned, George seems to enjoy playing alongside his wife Amal. There have been pictures of the pair playing tennis in Italy all the way back in 2017. In fact, the couple has been spotted numerous times over the years playing tennis and engaging in a fun match with friends.

In terms of sportswear, George is always seen in comfortable activewear while playing tennis. Whether that be a polo shirt and shorts or tube socks and a classic Adidas sneaker, George is always fashionable and comfortable on and off the court. Tennis is a game enjoyed by millions all over the world and the Clooneys are no exception. However, it does seem to be the actor’s favorite pastime when overseas in Europe.

What Sports Has He Played in the Past?

When discussing George Clooney, it is important to note the actor has played other sports in the past. For example, he used to be an avid basketball player. He stopped playing after having dinner with President Obama and hearing him speak about how he stopped playing as well. George felt that after getting a rolled ankle, a chipped tooth, and his eye socket poked out by an elbow that he was done hooping. He disclosed this information during the Critic’s Choice Association press conference while promoting his new film at the time, “The Midnight Sky.”

Before hanging up his jersey, George Clooney had a love affair with basketball. He was on his high school basketball team and played with enthusiasm. In fact, over the years he played with other actors on the court such as Leonardo DiCaprio and the Obamas. Similar to President Obama, he eventually gave up basketball for tennis as the strain on his body was too physically demanding in his older age.

Tennis is a fast-paced sport, but with much less contact and intensity. Clooney is currently 61 years old and has found a sport that will suit him better in the coming years. Tennis seems to be a staple in his active lifestyle, much like other movie stars and Hollywood actors.

How Often Does George Clooney Play Tennis?

While there is no record of how many days a week or month George Clooney plays tennis, we can assume it is on a weekly basis. Most Hollywood actors belong to private tennis clubs or country clubs where they are able to play in privacy. In fact, most actors even have a court on their property to catch a game with close friends or family. We know that George and Amal have played many tennis matches while on vacation in Italy and in Europe. The pair have been spotted together post-match during their time overseas.

Any other sports George Clooney plays?

It’s not only tennis that the Clooneys love. Pickleball, which is very similar to tennis, has been popular amongst the stars. George Clooney plays pickleball at his home court with his wife Amal. The sport is very similar to tennis with both activities requiring a paddle (racket) and net. It is most similar to other racquet sports and can be played as singles or doubles.

It seems that A-list Hollywood stars enjoy a solid game of tennis, pickleball, or any other leisurely sport. It is not as widespread as tennis, however, the sport is slowly creeping into sporting clubs around the nation. The Clooneys always seem to be ahead of the trend and know about the latest sports before they become mainstream.

Summing It All Up

George Clooney does indeed play tennis, along with other sports. Once an avid basketball player, Clooney spends his free time these days more leisurely with a game of tennis or pickleball. Whether on his home court in Los Angeles or on a beautiful Italian court, George Clooney maintains an active lifestyle and makes sure to involve his friends and family in the game. We expect to see more from this well-rounded actor in the future, on and off the court.