Do I Need A Harness For Windsurfing?

25 September 2022

If you are concerned about safety when windsurfing, you should use a good harness. A harness isn’t just a piece of safety equipment, but also it helps you to get planning. Harnesses are effective when it comes to transferring the force of the wind to your body rather than away from the arms. In short, if you want to sail for many hours without aching your muscles, using a harness becomes important.

Why you should use a harness when windsurfing?

Harnessing is the most important technique in windsurfing especially if you are a beginner. Besides, the need for a harness arises when the level of wind reaches Force 3, which is 7 to 10 knots. Typically, a harness is a kind of intuitive tool that balances the weight of your body and the wind in the sail.

The harness comes with hooks that allow your body to hang from the lines connected to the boom. The best part about using a harness is that it relaxes your arms and shifts the load to your body. Because of the harness, you can use your arms to steer the rig and make significant adjustments during the course.

Apart from that, you can use different types of harnesses for windsurfing. These include seat harnesses, waist harnesses, and chest harnesses. And, the best harness for you should be the one that makes you feel more comfortable even in strong wind conditions.

In general, beginner windsurfers mostly use chest harnesses when it comes to planning and upwind. As you make progress in windsurfing, you would find out that waist harnesses are the best choice for almost every sailor who has successfully conquered the 7-shape stance.

However, keep in your mind not to place the harness lines too backward or even forward. Besides, the length of the harness lines will depend on the length of your arms. As such, your arms should be in a straight line when you are holding the boom and hooked in.

Furthermore, you can get a good stance and balance after making adjustments to the width of the harness lines. Lastly, when you use the harness, ensure the spreader bar is held tight to your body. Also, make sure that it doesn’t move.

Choosing the right windsurfing harness:

When it comes to choosing the right harness for your needs, it depends on three important factors, which are discussed below.

1. Your build

No wonder, the best harness for your needs depends on your build. So, you have to choose between S, M, or L sizes. Choose the right size and make sure that the harness is comfortable and works efficiently. Also, you should choose the right pair of harness lines.

2. Your level

The objective of the harness is to transfer the power of the sail to your pelvis. It relieves your arms while keeping your lower back and back in the right position. So, choose a harness that gives you good support.

3. The kind of windsurfing

If you sail in moderate to light winds, you may use a waist harness because it helps you sail in an upright position. But if you sail in strong winds, a seat harness gives you comfort while optimizing traction.