Can NFL Players Date Cheerleaders?- (Some Crazy Rules)

7 December 2021

NFL has some strict rules for their players and Cheerleaders. We get to see beautiful cheerleaders dancing at the edge of the field and many people just stare at them rather than the players. Although these girls seem happy when the player scores, but there is more behind the curtain. The main issue here is the dating of NFL players and cheerleaders. Although, there are rules there are no apparent ones on dating. Here in this article, we will elaborate on the matter.

Some of the crazy rules you would not think there are

In 2017 there was a case where a cheerleader named Bailey Davis was accused of posting her one-piece bodysuit worn picture on Instagram. NFL accused her of revealing too much skin with that dress. After that, she was fired by the team as she has acted against the rules of cheerleaders.

However, after this, the cheerleading squad implemented some rules to distance themselves from the players, and they stay away from posing for any pictures on social media wearing any sultry dress. Cheerleaders are also blocked to follow the players of the NFL on social media platforms, and they are barred from seeking out the team after or before the game. They’re also not allowed to dine in a restaurant where the team is having dinner, and if they’re there they must leave once the players arrive.

There are some myths about NFL cheerleaders too. Which makes the discrimination worse. Not only they are not allowed to date players they are not even supposed to be seen with a player anywhere during or after the match season. Let’s clear some misconceptions first.

Myth 1: It’s easy to meet the players for NFL cheerleaders:

This is a false rumor, as the cheerleaders are not allowed to meet or even make friends with the players. In the case of NFL date cheerleaders that is out of the question. However, there are players who have dated cheerleaders and some of them have married the girls. But that part we will discuss later in this article. In the case of public dating, there are various restrictions but the girls can’t talk to the players during guest appearances and charity events.

Myth 2: NFL cheerleaders bath in money and fortune:

This is a hot topic for many people, but little do they know that these girls get paid $15 to $50 per game, which is lower than ever. Sometimes cheerleaders are not paid at all. They just have to show up to make an appearance in the games and photoshoots and that’s all. However, it’s not very unfortunate for all cheerleaders as some of them make it to TV shows and open their health accounts on Instagram to become hotshot stars.

Myth 3: NFL cheerleaders are not that brainy and act like school girls:

The dating restrictions and rumors come with the myth of cheerleaders being girlish and stupid. It’s somewhat true that these girls are not capable of answering in front of the media, but they need their respect from NFL. It’s also not easy becoming or being a cheerleader. One has to go through the hardest ordeal to get the desired body and keep it that way until one gets another call. They have to dance in the freezing cold, make guest appearances, go for several photoshoots and pose with higher-ups to get a good angle.

Some NFL player and Cheerleader relationships:

Although, dating isn’t directly permitted cheerleaders have dated and married NFL players. Here check out some examples of such couples.

  • Kelly Hall and Matthew Stafford: These two got married in 2015 and they have been with each other since their college years. They both studied at a Georgia college and from there they started dating. After getting married Kelly doesn’t wave pom-poms anymore but she is on the social media platform where she wholeheartedly supports are husband and his team.
  • Brooke Sorenson and Laynce Nix: He played football in the college league and then retired in 2013 after giving his eleven years in baseball. He married his long-time girlfriend Brooke Sorenson 2011, who was a cheerleader from the Cowboys of Dallas. She worked there for a while and now she is with the cheer squad of the Miami Dolphins.
  • David Nelson and Kelsi Reich: The players have played for four football teams in their entire career, and won a National championship too with Florida Gators. In 2011 he caught a touchdown pass and ran with the ball to the edge of the field and then he hugged his girlfriend Kelsi who was cheerleading for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Will Middlebrooks and Ann Lux: He is from Texas and a player from the Cowboys. Ann Lux is a cheerleader and these two have been dating for a while. The cheerleader didn’t get any backlash from NFL for dating a player as they kept things hushed. Recently this couple got engaged.
  • Abigail Klein and Troy Aikman: Footballer Troy Aikman and cheerleader Abigail Klein dated each other for a while just after his divorce in 2011. However, the footballer said that they were just friends but rumor has it that they have dated for a while then they broke up.
  • Alex Smith and Elizabeth Barry: This NFL player dated his cheerleader girlfriend from Oakland Raiders and they met in the 49ers. They got married in 2009 and they now have two kids. He is a controversial player, but his dating history with Elizabeth was cloudless to the media so they couldn’t make any controversies.
  • Chris Cooley and Christy Oglevee: This NFL player played football for nine years and he played for Washington Redskins. He also got selected two times for the pro bowl and in 2005 he started to date Christy Oglevee who lost her career just for mixing with an NFL player. The couple got married in 2008, but they got divorced in 2012. However, she is on Instagram and she is building her new career in fashion and other aspects.

There are other NFL players too who have dated, divorced, and broken up with cheerleaders, but it was still risky for the girls who still wanted to be in that profession for a long time. Like Christy, Oglevee got fired from her job just for fraternizing with a player in the NFL.