Are basketball shoes good for pickleball?

30 November 2021

When playing any sport, it is crucial to choose footwear that will not only bring comfort, but it must be the right shoes for the sports you will play. Basketball shoes provide the wearer maximum balance, and they must help secure the feet and keep them stable. Since basketball has lots of stopping, jumping, and moving sideways, forward and backward, it is safe to say that basketball shoes for pickleball are suitable as well.

When playing pickleball, you also need shoes with a good rubber sole to provide the grip without sliding, and like the shoes needed for basketball, the shoes you choose for pickleball must be conducive for lateral movements, and likewise forward and backward movement.

How to know if shoes are effective and safe for playing pickleball?

It must provide comfort.

Pickleball shoes must cushion and support your feet and must comfortably fit. There must be a least a 1.5cm leeway at the end of the shoe, even a centimeter will do, but nothing less than that, or your comfort will be compromised. Remember that the shoes should not be tight, but they must feel snug.

Before purchasing shoes you need to ensure it is the right size, and the shape is perfect because the shoes you choose mean you are somehow safe from injury and you keep your feet healthy while playing sports.

Basketball shoes will be suitable to wear when playing pickleball because such shoes provide not just comfort but will keep your feet safe from injuries.

The tread pattern is important.

It will provide the wearer support and grip when maintaining contact with the floor surface. The better the tread, the better the grip. Basketball shoes are durable, and they are effective as the sports require traction.

Pickleball also needs shoes with a tread pattern. The grip it provides will also depend on what surface you will play the pickleball on. Another thing is that when playing pickleball, you must prevent slipping, and good shoes that provide such should be your option.

Have good rubber soles

Rubber soles of thin rubber keep the shoes lightweight and can help with faster movement. However, when playing outdoors, a thicker rubber sole is more appropriate as it is highly durable. Rubber soles for basketball shoes provide shock absorption, which is also great for playing pickleball. When you need to lunge and go after the ball, you need shoes that contribute maximum shock absorption to prevent foot sprain.

The midsole is crucial in a basketball and pickleball shoe as it provides cushioning and reduces the force that goes through the body.

Should provide ankle support

When playing pickleball, it is not uncommon to have injuries, and one of the most common injuries is an ankle sprain. Sometimes accidents cannot be avoided but having the right shoes helps.

Basketball shoes have ankle stability and flexibility for lateral movement. Pickleball, on the other hand, requires one to move in all directions quickly and smoothly and with the help of the right shoes, players can do just that.

Must be lightweight

Pickleball shoes, just like basketball shoes, must have the necessary support for impact. It should be able to support joints when changing directions, and at the same time, it must be lightweight. Basketball shoes are durable, and with the cushion and rubber soles, it is still airy so that players can move fast and swiftly.

How do you choose the right shoes for pickleball?

Shop for shoes when your feet are at their largest

That would mean after the daily activity or at the end of the day. You can choose the accurate shoe size, and there will be enough space to accommodate your feet.

Do not compromise comfort for style.

The shoes should be comfortable when you try them on and do not purchase any footwear and make them work just because you like the style.

Wear socks if you must

If the activity you will do requires socks, then better wear socks while shopping for the appropriate shoes. This way, you will get used to wearing socks with the shoes, and check their comfortability as well.

There should be enough room to wiggle your toes

Just because the shoe fits, it is the right size. Check if you can wiggle your toes while wearing it and see if there is enough room for foot movement when you run or walk.

Ask help from shop assistant for feet measuring

Do not just pick a shoe size and purchase it without having the shop assistant measure your feet. Your feet may have changed their shape or their size, especially as you get older. To get an accurate shoe size, having the right foot measurement is always the key.

The shoe should have enough wiggle room but not too much that your heel is slipping out

The accurate shoe size must have the right grip on your heel and should not be the size where your heel slips while you move. It will not be comfortable as the inside will rub on your heel every time which may even cause some skin irritability.

Inspect the inside of the shoes you are purchasing

Find anything that may irritate or hurt your foot while wearing the shoes. It can be the size tag or any protruding materials inside. It is best to be aware of such things, so you don’t have to suffer wearing the shoes only because you already purchased them.

Choose the shoes that are appropriate for pickleball

It should be designed for playing pickleball and must protect your feet every time you are playing sports. Some shoes are also usable for other sports besides pickleball and one of them is basketball shoes but just the same you can find shoes that are dedicated to playing pickleball as well.

Remember that the shoes you are wearing can greatly affect your feet, joints, legs, and of course, your performance. The wrong footwear can contribute to common sports injuries and limit your performance or even stop you from playing the game.