Are Baseball Players Fined For Errors?

Yes, there are some penalties for baseball errors. However, baseball errors will affect players more instead of the game. You might have heard the error term while watching your favorite team on the field. But, baseball player error is different from other games.

This error might occur unexpectedly. The error circumstances make it different from other sports. In the following, we will know more about baseball errors. We will discuss types and other related things as well.

You might find the rules surprising when you know the instances when players can make errors. But, the rules are straightforward. Also, you will find a baseball player error similar to soccer penalties. However, the instances will not be the same. Baseball players do not need to break game rules or behave differently to make an error. A baseball player can make an error when his actions benefit the opposite team.

Also, it can occur when a player cannot serve team interests. Hence, you might not know when your favorite player can make an error. You can imagine a soccer game situation. You might have noticed players yelling at teammates when they lose control of the ball. However, it will be an error in baseball. There will be some penalties for baseball errors.

Who Has the Deciding Power?

The official scorer will decide whether it is an error or not. The official scorer is the only deciding authority. No one has the right to challenge the decision of the official scorer. Once the scorer gives the decision, others will have to respect it without any exceptions. However, there will be certain circumstances where an official scorer can decide on an error.

A baseball player error can happen in fielding positions. Yes, baseman, catcher, pitcher, fielder, or shortstop can make errors. There are three most common errors that you will see in a baseball game. They are throwing, fielding, and tagging. A player can make errors when his action benefits another team. We can take a simple example. By allowing the batter to stay long at bat, the player might help the opponent. He will give more time to the runner to advance from the base. This action will be an error.

What Are the Baseball Error Types?

As mentioned earlier, there are three common types of baseball errors. In the following, we will cover them one by one.

Throwing Errors

From the name, you might have realized that it is all about throwing. A wild throw is a throwing error. You might be thinking about what a wild throw is. A wild throw is one that the shortstop throws inaccurately. It happens if the ball passes the end or inaccurately. Also, it can be an error when the ball hits the base, umpire, or runner. Even if it hits accidentally, it will be a throwing error only.

Fielding Error

The fielding error is related to the fielding. It mostly happens when some player cannot catch the ball. An insider can make this error while mishandling a grounder. Also, an outsider can experience the same when fumbling a flyball. In both situations, the baseman will not receive the ball on time. Hence, he cannot record an out.

Tagging Errors

A tagging error is different from the above two. Tagging errors can occur when a fielder cannot tag a runner or base under certain circumstances. A player can make this error when he cannot do something expected. Also, there are some instances when a team can earn points without performing well. They can make points when the opposite team does not perform well.

These are the three types of errors a baseball player can make. As stated above, the official scorer will decide on baseball errors. Hence, a team can avoid making mistakes since that can benefit the opposite team.

What Are the Consequences?

Like errors, the consequences will vary from other sports. Yes, they will not impact the score of a baseball game much. A batter who scores a home run due to the error by the fielder will achieve the home run. Yes, he will get an appropriate point, and the error will not impact the score. But baseball errors will affect the statistics of that player. Statistics play a determining role in shaping the career of a player.

How Errors Affect the Statistics of Players

The error occurs when a player fails to perform well where other players could have succeeded. According to a 2017 study report, MLB pitchers (with baseball errors from teammates) had to hit at a 273 rate for the rest of the inning. Also, the effects of errors are evident in ERA or earned runs allowed. For example, if the batter gets on the base due to a fielding error and scores subsequently, it will not be an earned run. Hence, if the batter gets on the baseball base and scores, it becomes a run, not an earned run.

In addition to this, it will impact the on-base percentage or OBP of the batter. Yes, when a batter gets the base due to an error, OBP will consider it as an out. The reason is that poor defense only helped the batter to get on the base.

 Which Position Makes the Most Baseball Errors?

When it comes to the position, the shortstops make the most error. You might be thinking about why this position makes the most errors. There are many reasons. The defense of players at the shortstop is better. Also, both first basemen and catchers will have more defense opportunities than shortstops. However, most teams do not require defense at first base. Another position is the third base which makes a lot of errors. The reason is that 3B and SS will have many balls to hit them.

 Which Position Does Not Make Any Error

Technically, DH or designated hitter does not make any errors. The reason is that they do not perform in the field. Hence, it helps players with offensive prowess. However, they will not have the defense and play at any particular position.

There are three types of baseball errors. Even if errors do not affect a game much, they can impact a player and his statistics.

Biggest MLB Fines

Even though fines can occur due to errors, the biggest fines are mostly given for off-the-pitch behavior.