Who Is The Best Female Break Dancer?

17 September 2022

When it comes to breakdancing there are very few other types of dances if any, that compare to its style and soul of it. This type of street dancing can be seen all over the world. It incorporates various moves such as acrobatics and hip-hop.

While many people assume this type of street dancing is male-dominated, there are a number of female break dancers that have been making waves. Let’s take a look at the best female break dancer of our generation.

The Best Female Break Dancer

In August 2022, 16-year-old Liu Qingyi won the global breakdancing competition. This competition was for Outbreak Europe 2022 located in Banská, Slovakia. She has become the first Chinese B-girl to ever win the competition.

There were over 600 people in attendance for this competition, with participants from over 30 countries. During the event, Quingyi was paired up against various dancers from many different countries.

In the first round, she successfully advanced to number 16 out of 124 audition participants. She went on to gain victory over the Dutch BO. In order to reach the semi-finals, she beat out her German opponent, Jilou. The 16-year-old became victorious once she reached the semi-finals.

During the semi-final event, she defeated Italian dancer Anti by 2-0. When she finally got to the finale, she won against famous opponent India. Liu celebrated her win at the world’s top breakdance competition.

A Background on Liu Qingyi

While many assume Liu has been breakdancing since she was a child, that is not true. Born in Central China’s Henan Province, she was first exposed to breakdancing at the age of 10. As soon as she saw the intricate moves and dynamic style of the sport, she was hooked.

Breakdance is a style of hip hop dancing, where personality and spunk shine through. In terms of her family life, Liu has supportive parents that encouraged her aspirations. Liu is well-rounded and was involved in other activities prior to breakdancing such as taekwondo, boxing, and guitar.

In fact, during an interview with media sources, Liu said she found her true passion in breakdancing.

Liu is Victorious For a Second Time

In true champion’s fashion, Liu won a second time and won a second world title. This time, the event was held in Portugal. The World Battle welcomed many fierce competitors, including Portugal native Vanessa Marina, whom Liu defeated in the finals. In fact, Liu is even looking onward to the future.

She is hoping to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Breakdancing has become an official event at the Olympics and the competition is stiff. However, Liu isn’t intimidated or discouraged one bit. In a recent interview, she said she hopes to win glory for her country during the 2024 Olympics.

Furthermore, she showed gratitude to the Olympics for including such a dynamic sport as breakdancing in the lineup. Based on what this young dancer was able to accomplish in only 2 months leaves little to the imagination of what she will do in the next 2 years.