Which NFL Players Play Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football has seen a surge in popularity lately and it’s not just the average sports fan who is joining these virtual leagues. A plethora of professional NFL players have also become absorbed by the game, participating in their own fantasy football leagues with friends, teammates, and sometimes even fans! The rising trend among current NFL stars confirms that this pastime isn’t going anywhere soon.

Famous NFL Players who participate in fantasy football

Out of the entire National Football League, which players are most obsessed with fantasy football? Let’s examine some renowned names who have publicly declared their ardor for this immensely popular game.

Tom Brady (New England Patriots quarterback)

Being one of the biggest fantasy football fanatics in the NFL, Tom Brady can’t help but show his enthusiasm for it. On several occasions, he’s expressed how much he loves participating in different leagues and has even shared advice with fellow owners on social media. His dedication is truly inspiring; this four-time Super Bowl champion always finds time outside of professional football just so that he could enjoy a great game like Fantasy Football!

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers quarterback)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to the world of fantasy football. After all, he’s been playing since high school! He has even proven his enthusiasm for the game by participating in The Fantasy Football Players Championship—a prestigious league that includes some of the best players around.

Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs quarterback)

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is an avid fantasy football player who has actually won a league with his friends. Speaking to NFL Network in an interview, he expressed that it’s a great way for him and his pals to stay close during the season since they have been doing this together for several years.

DeAndre Hopkins (wide receiver) and Antonio Brown (wide receiver)

Not only quarterbacks but also wide receivers such as DeAndre Hopkins and Antonio Brown have taken an interest in fantasy football. In various interviews, Hopkins has expressed his fondness for it claiming that being part of a league is an amazing way to stay connected with friends and followers alike. However, Brown took it one step further by commencing the grand launch of his own platform called “AB84”. With this move, he proved that there are no limits when it comes to immersing yourself in the game!

Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle)

Defensive players have been joining in on the fantasy football fun! Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams has even taken home a championship title from participating. In an interview with NFL Network, he discussed how much he appreciates the challenge and strategy that comes along with playing fantasy football, as well as staying connected to his favorite sport during its off-season.


It’s obvious that fantasy football isn’t only a pastime for the regular fan, but is beloved by many of the elite NFL players as well. While some may take part in leagues with their buddies and cohorts or merely play it for amusement, there’s no denying that fantasy football continues to be an adored hobby among professional athletes.

For several NFL players, participating in fantasy football is an exciting endeavor. However, not all of them join the fun – some abstain to dodge any potential conflicts or distractions. Plus, it’s essential to be mindful and keep your wagers within limits while gambling responsibly no matter what form you’re playing!

To summarize, fantasy football is a beloved pastime that has become quite popular in the NFL. It’s no wonder why quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers enjoy it so much; even wide receivers like DeAndre Hopkins and defensive players including Aaron Donald have been known to get in on the fun! All this demonstrates how far-reaching its appeal really is – proof of its immense popularity among professional footballers.

Regardless of whether you’re playing or not, fantasy football is certainly an enjoyable and thrilling way to stay engaged with the game. It also offers a great opportunity for competition between friends and fans alike! If you love both fantasy football and the NFL, then make sure to look out for these players in your league.