What Sports Does Tom Holland Play?

26 July 2022

We’ve seen Tom Holland jump from skyscrapers, defeat the bad guys, and do plenty of awesome stunts when he portrayed Spider-Man – but does he like sports when he’s away from the set?

The truth is, he loves sports! He spent his childhood training in different disciplines and continues to play one sport in particular in the present. Find out which one below!

What sports does Tom Holland play?


Tom Holland trained in gymnastics throughout his childhood, something that helped him become a better Spider-Man. It also allowed him to do certain stunts on the set with the help of his doubles.

He can’t do dangerous stunts for legal reasons – but it’s not like his many years of training in gymnastics wouldn’t allow him to. He also became a proficient ballet dancer in his youth, which helped him with his training as a gymnast and is a big factor in his life as an actor.



Holland is a self-professed golf addict. He tries to visit a golf course no matter where he is or whether he’s shooting a movie or not. According to him, he needs to tee up frequently to unwind and let his head rest from the many pressures he faces.

In fact, Tom has done interviews while he was at the golf course – because that’s how much he loves being there! When he’s not at the golf course, he’s constantly thinking about this sport, including when he wakes up and goes to sleep.


Holland didn’t stop learning after taking ballet, dancing, and gymnastics lessons. During his teenage years, he chose to practice parkour to make the most out of his childhood training. That’s right! Throughout his adolescence (and perhaps right up to portraying Peter Parker), Tom Holland trained to run, jump, and move freely around the city. This fact, coupled with his early life training, made him the perfect candidate to wear Spider-Man’s suit.

Did Tom Holland play sports as a child?

Tom Holland did many things throughout his childhood: he did ballet, trained in gymnastics, took dance lessons, and probably played a few more sports. It’s like he dedicated his early life to developing the perfect skill set to become Spider-Man!

We don’t know if he played other sports early on, but he did develop a love for golf later in his life. Other than training in multiple disciplines, he attended a school in performative arts to better develop his artistic side, although he briefly thought about becoming a primary school teacher before getting into acting.

Does Tom Holland like sports?

Absolutely! He loves physical activity. His main focus is golf, the one thing he cannot live without playing. In fact, he has conducted several interviews on the golf course (to avoid losing time he could’ve spent golfing) and has called himself a golf addict.

He also roots for Arsenal Football Club; he even played with the team once when they were one short – but said he wasn’t very good at it.

Did Tom Holland play professional sports?

Tom Holland never played sports at a professional level. Nevertheless, he spent so many years training in different disciplines that you could believe he may have gotten to the big leagues if he chose to do something other than acting. His Instagram page is full of crazy stunts and other unbelievable things – so we know he’s a gifted athlete!

What’s sport does Tom Holland like the most?

Golf is Tom Holland’s, true love. He plays obsessively and sometimes leaves the film set to tee up at the closest course he can find. We don’t know whether he’s very good or not, but considering he’s a natural athlete and spends so much time playing, we believe he’s good at it at least! You can also see him do all sorts of stunts on social media, so you can say parkour is the second sport he likes the most.

Is Tom Holland an athlete?

It’s fair to say Tom Holland is an athlete, although he’s not a professional one. Nobody has paid Tom Holland to play sports professionally unless you consider dancing a sport and his many performances the way a pro athlete gets paid. He doesn’t need to make money playing sports, though! He’s a great actor and artist, and he has performed in plenty of movies, making a lot of money.