What Is Usain Bolt Doing These Days?

9 May 2022

Usain Bolt first got our attention when he appeared at the summer Olympics in 2004. At just 18 years old, he was nursing a hamstring injury and unfortunately, didn’t make it out of the heat in the 200-meter dash.

However, after his unfortunate start, Bolt went on to win the 100 and 200 in three consecutive Olympics. Bolt has retired since his many wins though which leads many people to ask, what is Usain Bolt doing now?

When Did He Retire?

The last Olympic games that Bolt participated in were the 2016 games in Rio. He won three gold medals and then returned to the track in 2017.

This would be the final year of his career although fans were expecting him to continue with his running. He finished third in the 2017 world championships and then was the anchor on a relay team a few years later.

His Injury

Unfortunately, after he received the baton, he began feeling pain. The hamstring injury that plagued him throughout his career was back to haunt him. Bolt announced that he would be retiring after the world championships.

His retirement came at one of the best points in his career though. Throughout the Olympic Games, he won a total of eight medals. In the 100 and 200-meter races, he swept them easily and also helped Jamaica win the relay in two of them.

While he’s certainly not the olympian with the most medals, he was a consistently strong runner and outperformed other countries easily in these events. In addition to the Olympics, Bolt also won 14 world championship medals 11 of them being gold.

After Running

After he announced his retirement from track and field, Bolt decided to turn his attention to his lesser-known love of soccer. He tried out for a professional team in Australia known as the Central Coast Mariners.

He spent about two months with the team and even appeared in a few of their exhibitions. However, his soccer career did not work out. He was unable to stay with the Mariners and left the team to pursue other career goals.

His other love took him far away from the sports world. Bolt dived into music and has produced several songs. He’s spoken publicly about wanting to bring the dancehall genre of Jamaica to an international audience. He’s also taken on the role of the father in his personal life.

Bolt and his girlfriend Kasi Bennett welcomed their first child in May 2020. Their daughter was named Olympic and the couple followed up on their first child with twins with the names St. Leo and Thunder in 2021.

That’s not been his only interest though. Bolt loves being involved in the business industry and has pursued off-track endeavors while still enjoying bringing his signature style to everything he does.

He opened his own restaurant chain in 2013 known as Tracks and Records. This has expanded to three locations in Jamaica and even one in the UK. In 2019, the star released a song called Olympe Rose Riddim in order to promote his signature champagne.

With his own alcohol brand, Bolt is showing the world that there’s nothing he can’t do. While he has multiple pursuits, Bolt has said that he is a full-time businessman and believes that there isn’t anything he can’t do.

Enjoying the Simpler Things

Although it’s likely that Bolt will never completely slow down, it’s easy to see that he’s taken a slightly less hectic schedule with the goal of being a family man and enjoying some of the simpler parts of life.

He’s focused on raising a family with his partner and is staying busy with their small brood. He also stays busy in the studio and loves making music when he can find the time.

Although he was never able to make it to the big leagues. as an avid soccer fan, he enjoys playing in matches. He even still runs and will compete in longer events such as the 800 meter.

Fans of him may notice a slightly softer side but Bolt is no less driven and interested in achievement than he was during his first race. In the upcoming years, it’s likely that Bolt will continue to make his name known outside of his running career.