What is the C badge on NFL Jerseys?

26 September 2022

If you’ve ever watched the NFL and wondered what the C on some players’ jerseys stands for, you’re not alone. Many people who watch football every week don’t know why many players wear a C on their jerseys – because this has been an ongoing NFL tradition that predates even the most avid NFL fan.

The Meaning of the C Badge on NFL Jerseys

The captains of the team are typically a group of players who wear the C badge on their jerseys. It is important to remember that there can be six captains per team. They are responsible for leading the team and making sure they’re following the coach’s instructions. Captains are usually the most experienced players on the team.

Responsibilities as a Captain

If a player wants to become a team captain, their first step is to be a leader on their team. They work with other players on the team and encourage them to do their best. If a player is having trouble, they will offer to help him or her out so that he or she can continue playing.

They will be an inspirational leader by being a great example for others on the team and following all of the rules. They will speak up in the locker room when the mood is low.

Just because you’re a great player does not mean you’ll be a great captain. The job takes being others focused. Not everyone is focused in that way. Some players need to focus on themselves to maintain a high level of performance.

Putting on the C Badge

The coach decides who gets to wear this badge, but the team can vote on the decision as well. If players feel they deserve the honor, they can go to the head coach and request it. Some teams prefer not to use the C badge. They may have rotating captains instead of one captain for the whole season. Once the team reaches the playoffs, they may then select a captain for the entirety of the playoffs.

C Badge Design

It has a large C with stars under it inside a rounded square. The color of the badge varies depending on which team the player is on.

The C badge is a sign of honor and respect for the player. It represents the player’s achievements, leadership, and years of service in being an NFL captain. The gold star is another symbol of the player’s success with each gold star representing one year as an NFL captain.

A Gold C Badge

The team wanted to give players a way to honor longtime captains, so they designed a gold C that players could wear during games. As time went on and more teams started honoring captains with this badge, it became a tradition.

Today, every player that has been a captain for at least five years will be honored with this special badge. It has a gold C along with gold stars under it. If a player switches teams, they have to start all over with 1 white star and move up the ranks on their new team.

C Badges with Special Recognition

The color of the C may be different for special recognition such as military, breast cancer awareness, or other special recognition at the discrepancy of the team. The NFL may have partnerships with certain organizations such as the American Cancer Society. Players may honor this with multicolor C badges.

Where C Badges Are Placed

The C badge is worn on the player’s jersey. It is usually worn on the top right or top left of the player’s jersey. Which side exactly the badge is worn on may vary. It will depend on what other badges the team has their players wear.

Teams that Have Never Worn the Patch

The three teams that have not yet had to wear a patch this season are the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers. Some people believe that these teams will never have to wear a patch due to their history of having some of the most loyal fan bases in all sports.

There are also rumors floating around about how each team’s owner may be afraid that if they wore a patch it may reflect poorly on their team or organization, so they refuse to do it. It is worth noting that the Patriots do still pick permanent captains though.


So there you have it. The C on an NFL jersey designates a team captain. Now that you know what it means, hopefully, your confusion will dissipate and your enjoyment of football will increase even more!