What is Ryan Lochte Doing These Days?

25 April 2022

During the past few years of the Olympics, athlete Ryan Lochte has become a household name among sports enthusiasts in the United States. But what became of the once-famous swimming champion? Is it possible that the American swimmer will make a major comeback to the industry?

In this article, we will dive into the career of a once-renowned swimming athlete, his long list of accomplishments all through his downfall, and the life update after the tragic event.

Who is Ryan Lochte?

Ryan Steven Lochte is a veteran swimmer from the United States who has won 12 Olympic medals. When he was 20 years old, the young American athlete earned his debut Olympic Gold medal at the 2004 Tournament in Athens, Greece.

From 2004 through 2016, he gained a record of 12 Olympic medals, establishing his name as one of the most awarded swimmers in history, and he gained massive amounts of money in the process.

The global swimming record of Lochte offers a lengthy number of accomplishments. He has earned a number 12 medals, including six gold. He represented the United States in 2004 in Athens, then in 2008 in Beijing, China, then in 2012 in London, and lastly, in 2016, Rio de Janeiro.

He is recognized as the second most highly renowned American swimmer, after only Michael Phelps, regarding Olympic medals.

Why did he fade away from the spotlight?

Ryan Lochte was suspended for ten months and lost significant endorsements following controversy during the “2016 Summer Olympics” in Rio de Janeiro.

During the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, Lochte’s name blew out for a bad reason and immediately became the headline of multiple newspapers.

Lochte and his co swimmers said they were robbed at gunpoint, but video showed that Lochte and his friends had disturbed a gas station men’s restroom when they were heavily intoxicated. People were very ashamed of the United States because two swimming athletes were arrested.

Lochte was penalized once again by the United States Anti-Doping Commission two years later after allegedly using an intravenous vitamin B-12 injection. He dropped roughly all of his total earnings and career during that period.

What happens to Ryan Lochte after the incident?

After the incident in Rio, the series of misfortune didn’t end, also the impact of the 2016’s scandal has tarnished Lochte’s towering career.

The US Anti-Doping Administration punished him for additional 14 months in 2018 for consuming an “outlawed intravenous injection.”

Notwithstanding USADA regulations barring intravenous infusions inside a dose larger than 100 mL over twelve hours unless they are administered and prescribed by allowed doctors. Lochte shared a photo of himself taking the injection on May 24 that year.

At the age of 36, Lochte completed his punishment and participated in the United States Olympic Qualifications for 2021. He placed ninth in the 200 m individual medley and missed qualifying for the fifth consecutive year.

Following the trials, Lochte stated that he’s still devoted to swimming and had no intention of quitting anytime soon.

Why did he not join the Tokyo 2021 Olympics?

Ryan Lochte walks down the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in sadness. It was his goal to forget about those experiences by attempting to make it to compete in Tokyo 2021 Olympics. As it turned out, he didn’t make a comeback that year.

End of the road for Lochte?

Lochte stated, during one of his interviews, “I’ll retire swimming as soon as it stops being fun,” and also, he “still wants to compete.”

He was well aware that the deck was stacked against him. He’ll be too old when the next Olympic games come around. Having a swimmer at around that age compete is sadly impossible.

This is not to imply that Lochte’s swimming career has ended. He has demonstrated that he has a charisma that people are attracted to almost irresistibly.

Because of his previous performance, he may be hired as a commentator for upcoming Olympic swimming broadcasts. The fact that swimming enthusiasts would want to listen to one of the most excellent swimmers in history.

The former world champion swimming athlete could set an example for the tournament’s future generation of swimmers. He may also serve as a guiding lesson for younger athletes, providing training and competition advice.