What is Lolo Jones doing now?

10 May 2022

Lolo Jones is a 39-year-old American athlete who has shined in track and field and bobsleigh. She is a former world indoor track and field champion and a two-time world bobsleigh champion, among other achievements.

However, during the last few years, Lolo has been able to reinvest herself intelligently and has successfully ventured into other fields. She is a regular figure in the mass media, has worked in several reality shows, and is very active on the most important social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

The talented athlete is so restless and versatile that many wonders: “What is Lolo Jones doing now?”.She is currently going through various experiences in different areas of entertainment, which are worth knowing.

A pop culture phenomenon

Lolo likes to win in all areas of life, not only in official sports competitions. She knows that the active life of a professional athlete is too short and is cleverly dabbling in other areas to continue to succeed and earn money.

She has participated in several reality shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Big Brother, The Challenge, and The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros. The Iowa native has proven that she can be a talented athlete and a charismatic media personality at the same time.

Due to her popularity, Lolo was part of the documentary The Weight of Gold, which describes the serious difficulties an Olympic athlete goes through.

She shocked everyone when she revealed that she has had suicidal thoughts throughout her sports career. She simply wished to disappear from this world. Fortunately, those thoughts were fleeting and then everything went back to normal.

However, during the Covid pandemic, she feared that her career would be over forever for no other reason. This extreme circumstance that everyone went through helped her to enthusiastically plan a career beyond sports.

A social media star

Social networks have impressive media power around the globe. They help users to succeed in any field they set their minds to. Lolo is very clear about this aspect of her media and sports career. She currently has thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

She introduces herself as “Summer and Winter Olympian” and posts photos of her daily routine as an athlete and media personality. She has everything to succeed on social media: beauty, charisma, intelligence, and a body sculpted by training. She seeks to entertain, amuse and inspire others to conquer their dreams.

Lolo also went through several controversies. She starred in a sexy photoshoot for ESPN Magazine and the Christian faithful criticized her for showing off her body. She defended herself by arguing that she did nothing wrong and that her religious faith remained intact.

An attractive media personality

Lolo has been interviewed hundreds of times because of her sporting excellence and, in recent years, because of her media career. She admitted to being a virgin in repeated interviews. She argued that because of her Christian faith she waited until she was married to have sex.

At the age of 37, she gave an interview on the TV show Cold as Balls, where she revealed that she was still a virgin. This fact brought her many problems in her private life and later she admitted that it was a mistake to reveal something so intimate. She suffered mockery in social networks and mass media.

Lolo also said that revealing her virginity ruined her dating life because men felt a lot of pressure and responsibility when they are in front of her. The talented athlete says that virginity interferes with her career and that she has to fight against this “disadvantage”, something she finally achieves.

Lolo is a multifaceted woman and has been encouraged to write an interesting self-help book: Over It: How to Face Life’s Hurdles with Grit, Hustle, and Grace. The book seeks to help readers achieve their goals through self-confidence and faith in God.


Those who are wondering “What is Lolo Jones doing now?” should basically know that she is exploring a multifaceted media career that includes reality shows, social media, modeling, and appearances in the various mass media. The beautiful athlete has managed to revive herself over the years and always surprises us in some new facet.