What is Khabib Nurmagomedov Doing Now?

If you’re familiar with UFC weight-lifting championships, you’re probably familiar with Khabib Nurmagomedov as well. Nurmagomedov had recently been on news over his alleged retirement last year. However, the former weightlifter put all speculations to an end by indeed retiring at 32.

At this point, many are wondering `What is Khabib Nurmagomedov doing now’. This is especially true if you are an avid follower of UFC leagues. Luckily, we did some digging and in the following few sections, we will share our insights in detail.

Why the hushed retirement?

Following his retirement, speculations grew as to why the former champion retired when he was performing so well and was almost at the highest point in his career. A couple of hours before he was formally removed from the position, he defeated Justin Gaethje after two previous wins with other contenders.

A couple of days following his last wins, Nurmagomedov also ranked high and finally found a place in the `Pound-for-pound’ category. According to the former weightlifter, this was one of the biggest achievements in his almost perfect career.

Even though Nurmagomedov hasn’t entirely retired from sports and is currently training a bunch of students and training partners, he is certainly happy about not following the stringent and almost tedious cycle that fighters often need to follow to keep up their ranks.

Living a simple life

In several interviews, he has expressed his sentiments with a straightforward approach confirming that he did not really mind living the life of an average joe as opposed to the high-ranking athlete that he previously was.

According to Nurmagomedov, the life of an average individual is indeed relaxing after so many challenging years in the sports industry. At one point he even compared his former schedule to that of the incarcerated person, stating the lack of variety and diversity in his life.

He reiterated that doing the same thing day in and out was affecting him mentally. He was constantly dissatisfied with his pace and was always on his toes to be up the charts.

But now that he is no longer a professionally practicing UFC athlete, his life is easier and less repetitive. Even though he does miss a couple of beautiful memories and the regular gym sessions with fellow teammates, he doesn’t seem to have any regrets or conflicts about his decision. Nurmagomedov has already lived his life, achieved his dreams, and right now all he is focused on is honoring the promise he made to his mother about retiring from UFC sports at the time.

In another interview, Nurmagomedov was heard saying that he misses everything about being a UFC athlete especially when his spirits are down, or the competition is not as challenging. However, he has also come to terms with those feelings, and he understands that he will miss UFC sports for quite a bit because he spent a large chunk of his 32-year-old lifetime focusing on that.

Despite missing the team and the camaraderie, Nurmagomedov is confident about his retirement decision and says he will never have any regrets because he did it all and achieved all the missions he had to.

Was it the best time to retire?

At this point, he is still grappling with a lot of feelings and is trying to experience life differently. When asked about whether the decision to retire was at the right point in his career, Nurmagomedov responded that time would have the best answer to this question.

He further reinstated what he had spoken in other interviews- regardless of when he chose to retire from sports, he would always be bogged down by a bunch of new challenges and experiences.

Can others break his records?

When asked whether he thinks others can break his record, he sounded optimistic. Nurmagomedov is a realist who believes that there will always be better, fitter, and younger players with greater zeal. These players had preceded him, and he is certain that the same caliber of players would succeed him as well. Nurmagomedov believes that self-sufficiency is the biggest highlight of a competent sportsman, and by choosing to retire at 32, he was doing exactly this.

In the coming days, he wants to focus more on training and sports, in general, to help younger players achieve their much-coveted goals. Additionally, this will also leave him with enough time to focus on himself and his loved ones- one of the biggest priorities for Nurmagomedov.