What is Idra Doing Now?

19 September 2022

Professional esports player Gregory Fields, otherwise known as `Idra’, is a prominent name in the Starcraft scene. However, since his retirement in May of 2013 many people are wondering, `what is Idra doing now?’

What is Idra Doing Now?

Idra rose to prominence after his mastery of the esport game Starcraft. Primarily, his career began in Starcraft: Brood War and promptly moved to Starcraft II beta when the game launched.

After many victories, defeats, and controversies, Gregory Fields is now living a quiet life and away from Starcraft. On his official Twitter page, IdrA’s profile description says that the once-professional gamer is now streaming strategy games, particularly from the Warhammer universe.

Idra’s last announcement was on stream and how he doesn’t play competitive games anymore. Fields says that he got a degree in Condensed Matter Physics, which means he went to school and did other stuff after his stint at trying tournament casting and playing Heroes of the Storm.

Nowadays you’d be able to catch a glimpse of the former Starcraft player on the internet, participating in talks and streaming on his own channel. Idra is fairly active on social media, where he interacts with his fans and does normal everyday stuff.

Is He Still Playing Starcraft?

Gregory `Idra’ Fields officially announced his retirement in May 2013 and dabbled in casting and playing Heroes of the Storm. However, in less than a year Fields announced that he would be withdrawing from the esports scene entirely and going back to school.

Idra is one of the most well-known handles in Starcraft that people wonder, `is he still playing starcraft?’ The answer is no- the 33-year-old is living a much quieter life now, with streaming and going on social media pretty much his whole interaction with the online gaming world and fans.

Idra’s achievement within the Starcraft tournament scene is amazing. The Zerg player consistently ranks at the top and positions himself to be a strong player. Fields made notable appearances at the IEM Season V Global Challenge Cologne in Europe, the MLG DC 2010, and the GOMTV Global Starcraft II Open Seasons.

Why Was He Banned From The Game?

It’s worth noting that Gregory Fields is notorious for displaying poor etiquette both with other players and the Starcraft community. The controversial player is known for `rage quitting’ and trash-talking pro gamers, as well as complaining about the imbalance in Starcraft.

IdrA was released from Evil Geniuses after a comment caused outrage within the Starcraft community. The official reason was that he failed to show due respect and appreciation for the community.

Other times Idra was banned from community sites for constantly saying curse words and racial slurs. While it’s believed that he was ousted from his position within a Starcraft team, he wasn’t really banned from playing Starcraft 2. However, Fields probably decided not to continue playing and opted to try other things, such as Heroes of the Storm, casting a tournament, and going back to school.

Fields dropped out of the Starcraft scene on his own and mentioned that competitive play wasn’t as enjoyable as he’d liked. He could still play but chose not to.