What is Frankie Muniz Doing Now?

28 April 2022

For fans of Malcolm in the Middle, the actor Frankie Muniz was once a household name. However, it’s been a while since the show aired its final episode asking fans, what’s next for this big name?

Several of the stars from the show such as Bryan Cranston went on to see careers soar to new heights. Others such as Christopher Masterson have done some other work but largely stepped out of the spotlight after the show concluded.

Frankie seemed like he was poised to be the next big thing when the show ended in 2006. In addition to winning awards and appearing in projects almost every week, he started to instead fade from the spotlight. So, what’s he been up for the last fifteen years or so?

Frankie Muniz Today

Many reports exist today that speculate on his health problems. A few clips that were taken without the appropriate context led some fans to believe that Muniz suffered from strokes and memory loss which prevented him from working in media.

The truth is actually a little more complicated though. Muniz may have some health problems but they’ve been greatly exaggerated.

He also never really disappeared from the limelight. He hasn’t starred in any primetime series or blockbuster films but he continues to be an active actor to this day.

Film and Television Roles

Muniz stayed away from starring roles and instead took on lower-commitment guest-starring roles in a number of popular television series, mostly between 2006-2012 although he continues to take on roles to this day.

You may have seen him on Arrested Development or Criminal Minds but lately, he’s been on more reality and competition shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Total Bellas.


One of the primary reasons why Muniz took a step back from acting as he had a passion for racing. He started racing at a young age and helped out with his first race in 2001. Since racing has been a constant activity for the actor, he competed in a number of races between 2004 and 2013.

He then took a few years off from the track but returned to racing in 2021. He debuted his first-ever stock car race in Bakersfield. In early 2022, he continued racing and tested out the ARCA Menards Series.

Music Career

Music hasn’t been his primary career but Muniz also reports that music is a passion of his and he enjoys being involved in a number of musical groups.

He’s been in multiple bands throughout the years as a percussionist. However, he shifted into management in 2017 and announced that he was the new manager for the group Astro Lasso.

Health Concerns

While it appears that Muniz has had an active career in a huge number of fields since his popular show ended, he has spoken in public about his health concerns. He was hospitalized in 2012 and 2013 for what was suspected to be transient ischemic attacks. These are known as mini-strokes that sparked concern in his fans. However, this turned out to not be his correct diagnosis.

Muniz revealed in 2021 that he actually suffered from aura migraines. These mimic strokes but are actually much less severe.

He’s also been rumored to have significant memoryless. This was another topic that he addressed in 2021. He noted that he does have a bad memory but that his memory loss is not nearly as extensive as some claim.

The likely cause of his poor memory is probably due to his nine concussions as the actor believes.

However, Muniz really believes that his selective memory loss may be more due to the fact that he was incredibly busy during the early 2000s. He says that it would be impossible to remember everything that happened.

This would be consistent with his events at the time. In addition to starring in multiple movies, he appeared as a guest star in television shows, and did media circuits while also filming the last few seasons of his own show. It would be fair to assume that no one could remember all of these details!

Work Today

Muniz continues to be involved in acting, music, and racing today but he has slowed down his pace so it’s likely that he will continue to balance out his passions with his other responsibilities in life.