What is Frank Shamrock Doing Now?

10 June 2022

Frank Shamrock is a retired mixed martial art (MMA) fighter. He previously held the UFC Middleweight Championship, under which he was ranked number one in the world in his weight category. Altogether, he fought for 16 years and retired back in 2011.

Personal Life

Today, Shamrock has been involved with a start-up company, Strikeforce, which he works hard to promote. It’s known to be the biggest up-and-coming MMA brand around. Strikeforce was bought by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for $34 million within the first few years the company had started. Shamrock started to feel like a sports star with Showtime airing his top fights and having a career in TV and film, regularly making appearances on shows. The first time his story was ever told was in the documentary he appeared in called Bound By Blood.

Shamrock is currently a single parent and lives in South Carolina with his daughter, Nicolette. For hobbies, he enjoys playing the guitar, hiking and spending time outdoors, reading, singing, and dancing. He also loves watching movies and spending time with his family. He says he enjoys that having to go to fight to work is a part of his past.

Running a charity organization

Shamrock runs a charity organization, in which he’s heavily involved. The name of his charity is called the Shamrock Way. He’s involved in talking all around the world at conferences, helping to motivate and encourage entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes, and high performers. He also coaches businessmen and women at Google under his curriculum, Warrior Code.

The ex-fighter released his autobiography titled Uncaged: My Life as a Champion MMA Fighter. He also wrote the MMA booked Mixed Martial Arts for Dummies which was published by Wiley.

As a proponent of the use of cannabis for medical purposes, he tells of how it helps remove his dependency on pharmaceutical drugs for ailments. His advocacy is evident with his release of the talk show The Bakeout which aired online with the aim to help encourage and educate about the potential of cannabis for producing health benefits for those who require its use for healing.

Shamrock got the role to play Hammer on Walker, Texas Ranger, as well as being featured in a Burger King advertisement. He also acted in a few movies too. In the movie No Rules, which was cast in 2005, the played the part of Damian. Shamrock had also made a brief appearance in the Oz. A few years later, he appeared as one of Jimmy Fallon’s guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on 18 November 2010.

Mauro Ranallo’s life was saved by Shamrock on 14 January 2018, after he had to perform the Heimlich maneuver after the sports announcer started choking.


Shamrock commentates and features as a fighter in the EA Sports MMA Video game, brought out in 2010. In Fight Life, an award-winning documentary about mixed martial arts, Shamrock also features, which was made in 2013. James Z. Feng directed the documentary, while RiLL Films produced it.

Shamrock’s Vision

Shamrock’s vision is for every person on the planet to realize their potential to achieve whatever it is they want in life. He says that this can involve either taking part in martial arts, or any other worthwhile activity. “The great unknown” can be scary to face at first, and there will be plenty of doubts that will come along the way. There might not even be any joy in the activity at that time. But after you start to learn whatever is required, the fear starts to go dissipate. When this happens, you can truly appreciate the activity or art form that you’re engaging in.

He goes on to say that to make a big change that produces mastery, you have to focus on making small, incremental changes on a daily basis. It doesn’t all happen at once. But over time, these small changes will eventually help you reach your goal. While he was first introduced to this idea as a martial artist, he later was able to transfer it to his business management training. Here, it’s known as “Kaizen,” which involves making small changes regularly until you can become the best that you can be.