What is Cris Carter doing now?

6 April 2022

Born on April 6, 1989, Christopher Darnell Carter is an American footballer outside linebacker who is currently a free agent. He had a successful football career awarding him eight Pro Bowl selections and two first-team All-Pro nods. He played for Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, and Philadelphia Eagles during his 16 years football career before retirement.

What is he up to?

According to The Spun sports interpreter, the 55-year-old seems to be doing well. Carter inked a deal with Blue Wire podcast to produce a new series for the growing podcast network. The podcast will feature interviews between the hall of fame pass-catchers and other wide receivers, past and present. The eight-series podcast will be called WR1 and is expected to premiere in July.

“I’d like to talk to current star pass-catchers such as Dk Metcalf, Antonio Brown, and Jefferson along with legends like Marvin Harrison.”

He also told Michael McCarthy, the Front Office Sports, “I’ve always gravitated to receivers. I’ve always talked to receivers, and I’ve mentored them. If there is a subject, I feel no matter who we have on the show, looking at the history and future of football, to me, it could be about receivers.”

Carter went ahead and said if the right opportunity presented itself with NFL, then he and his agents would sit down and weigh the options and that they have a lot from NFL on the table that they are yet to air. WR1 is currently the latest football-position podcast to hit Blue Wire, offering a TE1 pod.

Carter transitioned into sports broadcasting, landing a job at one of the top networks, Fox Sports as a football analyst in 2016. His role was expanded later in 2017 as a co-host in a morning show, First things first, where he worked alongside moderators Jenna Wolfe and Nicky Wright.

Cris Carter was fired from First Things first.

Not so much has been heard from Cris over the past few weeks, and we fans are worried. No one is yet sure what might have happened. Different sources have since reported on this matter. The Big lead reported that he could have been suspended from the show, but why?

Front office sports offered a possible explanation from an anonymous insider that Cris might have gotten upset over being left out in this year’s coverage of Fox’s Thursday Night football program.

The network instead hired Tony Gonzalez, a former football star from Los Angeles. Fox had also recently hired Rob Gronkowski, a retired Patriots tight end from New England, who was tasked with headlining the weekly broadcast.

While working at ESPN in 2015, Cris made a speech at the NFL Rookie Symposium that did not settle well with fans. He mentioned to those in attendance at the symposium,

“I let my boys know, you all want to stay like this, then I want to know who will be the ‘fall guy who is going to be well driving.”

“Y’all not going to do the right thing. I’ve taught you how to get around the right way, too. If you’re going to have a team, one of you fools got to know he is going to jail. We’ll get them out. If you’re going to have a crew, they should understand; can’t nothing happen to you.”

The NFL was not having it and strongly condemned Cris’s statement saying that it was not directive of the symposium’s message. Cris had to offer an apology for his remarks.

He tweeted that he had seen the video and that it has made him realize how wrong he was. In the tweet, he confessed that he had gone there to educate young people but instead gave them very wrong advice. Could Fox be taken aback by all these remarks?

Another source allegedly stated that Cris could have had a blow-up between his bosses at FS1.

Cris’s response to the allegations

Carter has not yet responded to all speculation going around town. He recently took to social media quoting biblical scriptures which could relate to the situation. He later removed all mention of his former job with Fox from his Twitter bio.

Cris has since taken to Twitter, saying,” LORD, you are my God; I will worship your name for you have done marvelous things, planned a long time ago. Isaiah 25:1. “Blessed are those persecuted in righteousness, for there is the kingdom of heaven. Mathew 5:10.”