What is Bubba Wallace Doing Now

28 April 2022

Bubba Wallace who is a 28-year-old car racing driver has confirmed recently on a podcast that he had endured shoulder problems through the entire season of the NASCAR Cup Series. He told that after the final race in Phoenix, he underwent a surgical operation.

He also said in the podcast that he is doing well with his rehab program and that he had planned to drive at the Daytona 500.

His first NASCAR Cup Race Title

In 2021, Bubba Wallace won his first NASCAR Cup Race Series. He earned his highest point standings in his career during 23XI Racing’s first season. He did this all while being in pain.

Bubba Wallace missed Charlotte’s testing of the Next Generation car after his shoulder surgery. Kurt Busch was the only driver in the 23XI car on both days of testing.

The first person to report about his non-participation was Fox Bob Pockrass. On lap 7, Corey LaJoie made contact with the No. 23 car pushing it to the wall. On that down note, Bubba Wallace closed out on the season of the 2021 cup series.

Bubba Wallace loves to play golf in his free time and he appeared on `Beyond the Fairway Podcast’ which aired on the Golf Channel. This is where he confirmed his shoulder injury and during the discussion, he told that he is at a much slower pace as compared to the previous year while he was busy with the formation of the 23XI.

He also mentioned that he will be ready to race when the next season comes. He tore a labrum and a bone spur from wear and tear in the 18 years of his car racing career.

Wallace had some low finishes in 2021 during the season finale of Phoenix where he finished rough with just 3 top 10s.

His 2022 season highlights

In 2022, he has things working in favor as a team coming back intact with another season. Now that his shoulder is healed the organization has much higher expectations from his performance. This could be the most exciting news for Bubba Wallace’s fans and co-owner of the 23XI Racing team, Michael Jordan.

On March 22, 2022, racing confirmed that the driver of the No.23 Toyota Camry, Bubba Wallace will compete in two of the upcoming series of NASCAR Xfinity races along with Joe Gibbs Racing.

No.18 Toyota GR Supra will be piloted by Wallace at Circuit of The Americans. Later in the summer, he is going to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. These will provide Bubba Wallace additional time at the courses on the schedule of NASCAR as at the same tracks both the races will take place.

How his NASCAR debut looked like

Bubba Wallace made his debut in the national series NASCAR with JGR in the year 2012. He raced in No.20 Toyota and made six starts during 2012 with the Xfinity series in 2014 and with JGR in 2012. He earned 4 top 10 finishes and one pole award.

In 2021 at the Xfinity series he added to his eight-six career starts. This year it will be a return for Wallace. In March 2022, Dr. Pepper served as the primary partner at Austin for the race of COTA. Dr. Pepper is a founding partner of 23XI.

Wallace said that he is looking forward to partnering back with Joe Gibbs Racing at the Xfinity series and that he is excited to compete with Indianapolis and COTA. He even thanked the team of Toyota and 23XI for helping to make this happen and Wallace even thanked Dr. Pepper for coming along for the race at COTA.

Representing Leidos in 2022

In 2022 a news article stated that Roger Krone, chairman of Leidos said that they are proud to have Bubba Wallace as he is representing Leidos both on track and off track.

This new partnership will mark the reunite of Wallace and Leidos. Leidos had an affiliation in the NASCAR Xfinity Series from 2016 to 2017.

23XI Racing president, Steve Lauletta said it is another step forward for them for Leidos to be back to NASCAR and rebuild the relationship they had with Bubba Wallace.

Lauletta also said that adding a brand of technology like Leidos gives them a new platform to reach a wider variety of audiences which will lead to the 23XI brand growth and also says that he wants to keep growing with Leidos in the upcoming years.