What Is Amanda Nunes Doing Now? Is She Becoming an Actress?

9 June 2022

Amanda Nunes is a Brazilian expert in mixed martial arts born on 30th May 1998 in Pojuca, Brazil. She was a competitor in the UFC who began her jiujitsu training at sixteen and also engaged in boxing at that age. Coming from a family of fighters served as a good base for her fighting career. She made her debut as a professional fighter on 8th March 2008 at only nineteen years. Before leaving the top American team, she had a great fighting career and many achievements.

Present activities Amanda Nunes is engaged in

Some of her significant achievements are:

·Being the first woman to simultaneously have a 2-division championship in the UFC.

·Having the number one ranking for the bantamweight championship for women in UFC.

·Amanda has a number 2 ranking in the pound-for-pound championship for women in the UFC.

·Having 5 title defenses that were a success.

·Longest mixed title reign in UFC champion

Personal training

Amanda Nunes has a partnership with Sports Metaverse; a virtual experience majorly centered on sports. She is a personal trainer in her gym. Her collaboration with metaverse starts the inauguration of the Sports Metaverse Landscape. The Metaverse Landscape offers users the opportunity to purchase land, trade their NFTs, associate with great people in sports, and go to stadiums. There is a presale going on now, but it will be accessible to everyone come June. Amanda is starting her gym, which will be on Sports Metaverse, and according to her, this gym will allow her to manage things to her liking, and she can do training however she wants.

Training for her rematch

Nunes has a new trainer in jiujitsu called Balbino Junior, preparing her for her rematch with Julianna. Nunes lost her title to her, and she wants to reclaim her victory. However, the date for the rematch has not been set yet by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but it is expected to happen in July or August. This rematch with Julianna will be her first actual match since she left the top team in America. It will serve as an epic return for her and allow her to redeem herself.


Amanda Nunes has played various roles in different movies and series, for instance, her role in Multi Tom. She has also been cast on reality television and fighting tv shows with her fellow boxing colleagues in the past, and she has also featured on Lincoln Road, an adventure, thriller, and action movie as Grudges this year. She has also done different talk shows.

Brand Marketing

Amanda Nunes does social media marketing for different brands through her online platforms like Instagram. She has done marketing for cryptocurrency, a famous digital way of securing transactions and investing. Amanda is also a brand ambassador for Celsius energy drink and a marketer for Yamamoto nutrition supplements. Another company she works with is the Modelo which deals with wines and spirits, and she also happens to be a brand ambassador for Tokyo Time headwear.

Meet and greets

She does meet and greets to engage her fans. It allows them to ask questions and even get autographs. Fans who want to get into a fighting career can also find inspiration and advice from these meets and greets. Currently, Amanda has a meet and greets event set for 12th June known as the Slamdown seven. These events are a way for her to give back to her fans, who have constantly supported her.


She recently facilitated the Ultimate Fighter 30, featured on the ESPN+ channel alongside Julianna Pena. The event will involve participants from the women’s flyweight and heavyweight.


Since her family is a significant part of her life, spending time with them is essential. Amanda is often on adventures with her wife and daughter. She travels to different places with her family, especially in children-friendly areas with kid activities for her daughter. She treasures her daughter’s company.


Amanda has hosted a couple of fighting events. She has recently hosted the fight night for spirit west bar and grill. Also, Amanda is a good host who can easily engage with the audience and take people through a fight event. No wonder it has attracted a lot of people.