What Is Dennis Rodman Doing Now?

12 April 2022

Dennis Rodman is probably the most controversial name in the field of basketball. The professional player has played for several renowned teams, starting with the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers, and then ending in the national league with Dallas Mavericks.

Rodman is known for his excellent performance as an athlete. He was deemed one of the best rebounders in the league. Even so, we can’t deny that his name is also tied to several milestones, issues, and general life lessons. It’s just right to conclude that his life is extremely unpredictable.

That said, what is Dennis Rodman doing now? Surely, lots of his fans and basketball enthusiasts, in general, are curious, so this is what we’ll walk you through in the following sections.

Personal Life

Three years after Dennis Rodman’s retirement, he married Michelle Moyer after going out in 1999. Prior to this, the then-couple had two children, one in 2001 and another in 2002. The event also happened after encountering two divorces.

It was rather an on-and-off relationship, which was no surprise considering that the athlete’s past relationships were equally controversial. This ended in a bit of a messy divorce in 2012, where Rodman started to owe hundreds of thousands for legal family support.

In the present, the year 2022, Dennis Rodman, now 60 years old, has not been reported to be a part of any romantic relationship.

In a documentary entitled “Bad As I Wanna Be: The Dennis Rodman Story,” Rodman revealed that despite being an absent father to his three children, he did want to try his best to be “the father he never had.” There is no information as to whether he really achieved this or not, but his three children still turned out to be very good people, two of which are also in the field of sports.


In 2018, news broke out revolving around Dennis Rodman and his new career as AnyTickets’ head of business development. His responsibility involves coming up with business strategies and ensuring that it stays beneficial for the company, which is exactly what he does in AnyTickets.

According to Rodman, he worked for the company because of how intriguing it is. He said it was very different from other ticketing companies since, despite the pricy tickets, he thinks people will get their money’s worth from it because of the all-out experience that the brand offers.

Media Appearances

Five years after retirement, in 2005, Dennis Rodman earned the title of being the very first man to release nude shots in support of PETA’s advocacy, “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.”

In the same year, he wrote and released an autobiography entitled “Should Be Dead By Now.” This was his second book, following “Bad As I Wanna Be” in 1996. The highlight of 2005 was when the athlete joined the Lingerie Football League as a commissioner.

Dennis Rodman appeared in several other shows throughout his post-retirement journey, such as “Third Rock From The Sun,” “Celebrity Big Brother,” “Love Island,” and “Celebrity Mole.”

Current Net Worth

As of 2022, the recorded net worth of Dennis Rodman amounts to $500,000. This aspect of his financial life has also been a hot topic considering that he earned millions during his time as a professional basketball player.

They later revealed that this is because of the athlete’s debt from child and spousal support, alimony from his two divorces and a thousand others spent on rehabilitation programs and other alcohol and drug-brought issues.

Achievements After Retirement

One of the biggest achievements that Dennis Rodman had since his retirement and countless issues is being deemed as the GQ’s Fashion Icon of the Year in 2021. There is actually no surprise about this because the athlete is really famous for his impeccable fashion sense, starting from his regularly dyed hair, Neon Orange being the most iconic, up to his day-to-day accessories.

Issues After Retirement

Saying that Dennis Rodman has issues is probably an understatement, considering the fact that he has been arrested more than 100 times since the start of his career. This stretches from professional misconduct, domestic violence, alleged sexual assault, drunk driving, obstruction of justice, and a lot more.

The athlete’s addiction issues with alcohol and drugs are also a no-brainer. Still, he has taken significant steps to solve this since he became an outpatient in a rehabilitation center in 2008.

Political Stance

Dennis Rodman, once again, garnered attention in 2016 after announcing his support for Donald Trump. He campaigned for the then-candidate because, in his own words, they were very good friends. Fast forward to 2020, he joined the campaign of Kanye West.

This is not all, though.

Since 2013, the public saw Rodman as a “broker” who tried to continuously mend the US and North Korea because of his close relationship with Kim Jong Un, the current president of the latter country. He even announced that the dictator is his friend for life. He received extreme backlash for this, which was actually understandable since he made unnecessary political statements supporting the dictator and the injustice tied to his name.

In the athlete’s defense, he has said countless times that he just wants to bring peace to both his own country and North Korea, both being very hostile. To add, Rodman stated that it’s one of his goals to bring and incorporate sports into North Korea.


To sum it up, Dennis Rodman shared his fair share of achievements and issues since his retirement in the year 2000. Some people know him in the present as a fashion icon who managed to recover from several physical and mental issues. On the other hand, some still see him in a rather bad light because of things like his political stand, past headlines, and convictions, all of which are very valid reasons.

Despite everything, the public can rest assured that the history he made in basketball and wrestling will live on as a legacy. Because he was featured in several true-to-life stories and documentaries, it can also be relatively easy to get to know the retired professional athlete and how his life went in the past.