Tips on How to Know if Your Helmet Is CSA Approved? (Football or Bike)

24 September 2022

When buying a bike helmet, you should always buy the CSA-approved standard. Not only protects you from head injuries, and your helmet is safe from defects. But do you know how to figure out if a bicycle helmet is CSA approved? Over the years, many debates about C-Series Standards are vital to your safety.

Some say it doesn’t make any difference what standard your helmet meets; others claim it’s the most important thing in your buying decision. In this article, we will discuss tips on how I know if my helmet is CSA-approved.

Check for the CSA Approval Label

The most obvious way to tell if your helmet is CSA approved is by looking for a sticker or label with the letters “CSA” and a number. The sticker can be found on the inside rim of many helmets or on the back of the helmet itself. If there isn’t one visible, check the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly to find out if they sell helmets with this certification.

Follow Your Jurisdiction’s Helmet Law

While it may seem obvious that all sports gear sold must be CSA approved, there are some exceptions depending on where you live in Canada. Some provinces have specific laws regarding motorcycle helmets that may require additional testing or certification requirements.

For example, British Columbia requires all motorcycle riders over 19 years of age wear an approved full-face helmet that has been tested for impact protection and penetration resistance at least every five years.

Make Sure Your Helmet Is Unaltered

If you’re buying new sports gear, make sure it’s never been altered. If the helmet has been modified, it may not be as effective in protecting you from an accident. It’s also possible that the manufacturer will void any warranty if your helmet has been altered.

Check The Manufacturer’s Website

If you’re buying a new helmet online, visit the manufacturer’s website to see if they have a list of retailers where you can purchase their products. You can also look for a sticker on the package or website to see if it is CSA-approved. If there is no sticker, call customer service before purchasing to ensure that it meets CSA standards.

Look For The Logo

You’ll know your helmet meets CSA standards because there will be a logo somewhere indicating that it’s certified by this organization. It isn’t always easy to find this logo because manufacturers often place them in inconspicuous places, so they don’t interfere with their overall design too much, but they are there if you look hard enough.

Check the Shell Material

The shell of your helmet protects you from crashing into obstacles, so it’s important to know what material it’s made of before purchasing one. If you have an older helmet, there may be no information on the shell material listed inside or outside.

However, newer helmets will have a sticker indicating what type of plastic they use in their construction. A common material used in many helmets today is polycarbonate – otherwise known as Lexan® or Makrolon® – which is lightweight and impact resistant up to 264 mph.

Ensure the Straps Are Properly Adjusted

Like any other safety equipment, your helmet needs to be properly adjusted to provide maximum protection. The straps should be snug but not too tight. If you cannot fit two fingers between the strap and your chin, it’s too loose. The chin strap should never be worn under your chin because it can cause serious injury if you fall and hit your head while wearing the helmet.

Wrapping Up

To ensure your helmet is as safe and effective as possible, you need to know if it is CSA standard approved. This guide offers six tips on determining if your helmet is up to standard. Whether buying a new helmet or getting one from a rental shop, keep in mind these tips to ensure you’re safe while riding your motorcycle.