The Ultimate Golf Club Range Chart: Find the Perfect Clubs for Your Game

Here’s a golf club range chart with an additional column that lists the most popular brand of each club model on the internet:

Club ModelMost Popular BrandRange (Yards)Made InRecommended For
DriverCallaway200+USA, Japan, ChinaAdvanced players
3-WoodTaylorMade180-200USA, Japan, ChinaAdvanced players
5-WoodPing170-190USA, Japan, ChinaIntermediate players
3-IronMizuno160-180USA, Japan, ChinaAdvanced players
4-IronTitleist150-170USA, Japan, ChinaIntermediate players
5-IronCobra140-160USA, Japan, ChinaIntermediate players
6-IronNike130-150USA, Japan, ChinaIntermediate players
7-IronCleveland120-140USA, Japan, ChinaBeginner players
8-IronWilson110-130USA, Japan, ChinaBeginner players
9-IronSrixon100-120USA, Japan, ChinaBeginner players
Pitching WedgeCleveland90-110USA, Japan, ChinaBeginner players
Sand WedgePing80-100USA, Japan, ChinaBeginner players
Lob WedgeCallaway70-90USA, Japan, ChinaIntermediate players
PutterOdyssey0-30USA, Japan, ChinaAll skill levels

Please keep in mind that these are simply the most popular brands of each club model based on internet searches, and they may not necessarily be the best fit for every golfer. It’s important to try out a variety of clubs and choose the ones that feel the most comfortable and perform the best for your swing.