Sports Your Children Can Try for Free in Orlando- Free Trials Listed

21 November 2022

So you want your child to do sports but you are not sure what they would like or simply have not got an idea where to start?
I know the feeling, I was there too.
I would not have thought my son ends up doing Ninja Gymnastics every Sunday. The only reason we figured it out was that we made him try every possible sport in our town. All for free. He did soccer, basketball, tennis, running, and bike riding. He enjoyed all of them, but there was one more free trial he wanted to try. A Ninja Warrior class was held mainly for boys at the local gymnastics club. They offered a free trial, so there was nothing to lose.
And he was obsessed.

These sports all give you a chance for your child to try them without you paying in advance.

Martial Arts

Korean American Martial Arts Academy

With Korean American Martial Arts, you will have 30 days to decide if you want to go on with them while you will be given a free uniform as well.

Championship Martial Arts of Eagle Creek

They have an age group for everyone and are really customer-focused. They offer a complimentary intro class which you can take advantage of and see if it is for you.

Pete’s Karate and Kickboxing

Pete`s karate gives you a chance to try them over a free session.


The Back Belt Center has been around for more than 30 years. That tells a lot. Click above for their online special offer.


Gracie Barra North Orlando

Fancy some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Gracie Barra also offers a free trial while you can have a taste of what you will be learning if you decide to stick with them.


Orlando Gymnastics

On 18,000 square feet, Orlando Gymnastics will be able to offer you a free trial. Just click above and get started.


Junglenastics is perfect for young children. They have affordable prices and offer $5 as a sibling discount if you decide to stick with them after the initial free trial.

Orlando Metro Gymnastics

Orlando Metro Gymnastics has 4 locations in Orlando and they offer a wide range of programs such as Birthday parties, Sports camps, and after-school clubs. And obviously, the free trial that we all are looking for.



Based in Central Florida, they have been offering a great service for 19 years. Perfect dance club for kids with lots of happy testimonials on their website.


Hip Hop and Break dance classes for kids. A must-try with a free initial class. You will find lots of videos on their website that show what to expect.

Arthur Murray Dance Center

I know this next one is not for children but I just had to list it. I would have felt just so bad to skip Arthur Murray.
They offer all sorts of fun if you want something different to spend a night out. Couples, Competitive, Social, and Wedding dance. Just give it a try. It`s free for the first time.


Lil Kickers Soccer For Kids

Ok, back to kids. This next one on the list is a classic. With a free trial, your child can have a nice time kicking a ball. Soccer is one of my favorite sports. Its dynamic builds real team ethic and really fun. Some of my greatest memories come from playing this beautiful sport. But enough of me, click above to register for a free trial. You will not regret it.

Dr. Phillips Soccer Club

Free trial offered again, Dr. Phillips is another one worth the time. See it yourself and click above to register your little one.


Another one with a free trial and some really famous and very good professional ex-players as ambassadors for the brand. As a kid, I would have loved to play in a team that had anything to do with the great Rivaldo and Zanetti.


Nona Soccer is all about building a community through playing soccer and it does not stop at players and coaches. Parents also form a building block of the greater family Nona Soccer offers. A free trial is given to anyone who clicks the link above.

Youth Soccer Club Orlando, FL

This last one of the soccer trials is the official Youth Soccer Club of Orlando, FL.

Toddler program, Goalkeeper, or Topscorer. No matter what position or age group you need. You will find what you are looking for


Floaters Basketball

We found 2 basketball free trials as well. If you got this far and you still have not picked a sport for your child to try, you definitely, need to give these guys a shot. Floaters Basketball and Tristen Ford Basketball are both good choices

Tristen Ford Basketball