Some Of the FAQs About Chess Answered

There are some frequently asked questions that we keep on bumping into when we read about chess online. These are some of them we collected and tried to give a basic and quick answer to each of them. We even included a couple of good videos relating to them that we found online. Hope this will help you.

Can you have two queens in chess?

Yes, you can. When a pawn gets to the final rank or row on the board, you have the option to turn the pawn into a queen. Theoretically, you can have all of your pawns reach the last row on the opposite side of the board and have them turn into queens.

A situation such as this would be highly unlikely; it is much more common to see just one pawn reach the end. In theory, the former could happen.

Why do people say chess is a boring game?

The critics of the game argue that the game is not really about strategy or tactics and is a game of memorization of moves and their infinite counters. They believe that there is a lack of innovation and most people just find the almost infinite number of moves to be boring and dry.

To most regular people, the concept of such a game seems intimidating to interact with and so they think of the game as boring based on its relatively basic visual appeal.

Is chess a Russian game?

The oldest instance of chess being mentioned has been recorded from areas that are now modern-day India. This text is estimated to be from around the period 500 AD-600 AD.

The Russians are tied to the game because there have been so many accomplished chess players who were Russians. This does not necessarily mean that Russia is the origin of the game. The game came to the Russians from the Byzantines and the Vikings. However, the Indian account of the game is the oldest, for now.

Do you have to say check-in chess?

It is not a necessity to say check in chess at all. The basic scenario where check is said is when the opposing player has to move their king out of the way of capture through any move. That is the only thing that they can actually do since any moves that would not prevent the king from harm are actually illegal in the rules.

Even if you don’t say check, it will in no way have consequences. The game will continue as soon as the opposition counters the check by protecting the king (moving the king, capturing your piece to save the king, moving another piece between the king and the checking piece)

What is an illegal move in chess?

There are quite a few illegal moves in chess. The most common and basic one is moving a piece beyond its moving capabilities. Chess has a ruleset in terms of the manner in which each type of piece is going to move, therefore if you move the piece in a manner that the ruleset does not allow, that would be an illegal move.

Another illegal move mentioned previously would be to deliberately move your king into check. This is simply not allowed.

Are chess grandmasters rich?

If you’re talking about chess grandmasters, then yes, they are mostly rich. Their source of income is not just playing in tournaments even though those pay well. Chess grandmasters are also credible teachers and most of them have something on the sidelines in order to make more money than just from the tournaments.

While the tournaments do pay well, they only do so for the top competitors and it is a much safer option to develop multiple streams of income based on their one skill, which they certainly do. In fact, some of the highest-paid chess players make up to 1 million dollars playing at a single tournament.

Why do chess games last so long?

Chess games can theoretically take up entire decades with single moves taking months to be made. Players attempt to go through each possible scenario of all the moves and all their counters and therefore it can take a long time, especially as the game progresses and pieces move to different places. So, the game becomes individualized and gets complex.

Chess tournaments last for a long time, but the matches are timed. It is usually the breaks that are long. The long breaks help the players to recover from all the mental exercise that they go through over the course of their games.

Does white have an advantage in chess?

Since white enjoys the privilege of the first move, it is generally believed by many that it enjoys a certain advantage in the game. However, at the amateur level, this advantage can quickly be neutralized by calculated moves.

As the level progresses upwards, it starts to become clear that white does have a certain advantage when it comes to chess. Out of all the games played at grandmaster tournaments, it is reported that regardless of the players, white wins 56% of the time.

Do chess books help?

It is definitely helpful to read chess books. There are many instances where players plateau in their progress and reading a book helps to open up their perspective and thoughts about the game. It helps them understand the scenarios better and how a certain move could be better than the one they had in mind.

Books also seem to aid players in memorizing different moves and their counters instead of having to rely on other tools to check. This can be helpful if you plan to play professionally.

Can chess cause anxiety?

Many chess players feel anxiety when it’s time to play. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but the feeling is considered to be normal. The anxiety tends to get higher as the levels progress in the same direction.

For the average person, chess can be quite the opposite. It can be a way for the person to escape from whatever may be bothering them and turn to the game of chess. The game is something that will keep their mind at ease. Essentially, it teaches one of the most important virtues of life; patience.

Can chess be a career?

The first option for a chess career is being a professional player. To become a professional, you must begin to enter the tournaments that are around you. Earn the recognition and eventually, you can start to win money. This is harder than it sounds as you’ll be going up against the increasingly difficult competition.

There are some other career paths that relate to chess. You could start coaching if you’re somewhat good at the game. Many get into tournament management, and writing programs for chess games as online chess gains popularity. There are many options, the most appealing is the first one, and it is also the most difficult and demanding.

Why does white have an advantage in chess?

White has the advantage of making the first move. Although that may not seem to make much of a difference, it can actually set the tone for the entirety of the game. This one move could take the game in a direction where the person with the white pieces may be more comfortable.

Generally, the person with the black pieces aims for a draw at the highest level. At lower levels, it doesn’t really make that much of a difference, your set of moves and counters would take you further.