Richard Petty: What Is He Doing Now?

In the past 30 years, Richard Petty hasn’t been back on the racetrack. Recently, the 84-year-old Richard plans to make it back to the sport. His love for racing and his passion for doing it has inspired him to improve the operations of Petty Enterprise.

Returning to the Racetrack

The sport is getting tough and so are the challenges faced by the Petty Enterprise. In 2008, the equity firm, Boston Ventures, has acquired the majority of the enterprise.

For years, Richard closely worked with his family in every racing competition. Now, he is set to work with new investors and partnerships.

Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM)

Now, Richard Petty oversees the operations of the Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM). The team is now home to its co-owner, Andrew M. Murstein. The enterprise is now valued at a staggering $28 million.

The entire team has garnered $5 million in their total winnings. Currently, the Richard Petty Motorsports boasts a total of 27 races in the NASCAR Cup Series and the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Bubba Wallace and Erik Jones are the two forerunners of No. 43 under the RPM team.

Today, Richard Lee Petty is busy overseeing and handling the operations of RPM. The car race team wants to level up its game by competing in NASCAR’s series of racing championships.

Short Biography

Coming from a racing family, Richard Lee Petty has been one of the most famous stock-car drivers over the course of history in the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Racing is front and center of his mind. This passion of his stems from his father’s impressive career in racing.

At an early age, Richard and his brother, Maurice, would tag along with their mother to watch his father’s race. It goes without saying that the elder Petty has paved the way for Richard’s limelight in the world of racing.

Richard Petty’s father has won the Grand National Cup for three consecutive years. Later on, his father founded the famous racing team, Petty Enterprises.

Indeed, the name Lee has a reputation to uphold in the world of racing. Petty’s father was even credited for the recognition of the NASCAR as a national sport in the United States.

From the farming community of Level Cross, North Carolina, Richard Lee Petty has taken the world by storm. His dominance of the sport has earned him the prestigious nickname “The King”.

Career Highlights

In 1958, Richard Lee Petty started his career in racing. Later on, he joined NASCAR and by the next year, he was named the Rookie of the Year for winning nine top 10 strong finishes in his early racing career.

In 1960, he also won his first race held in Charlottetown, North Carolina. By 1964, he clinched his first-ever rand National Cup in NASCAR’s most prestigious racing event, Daytona 500. In 1967, he captured his second win in the Daytona 500.

This is a momentous win for Petty as he was the first racer to ever win the said event.

From here on out, Richard’s racing career is gaining momentum. In 1970, he captured a lot of wins in the Winston Cup. His triumphs in the racing world have been credited to his intelligent driving and his great support team.

His brother, Maurice, built his car race engines while his cousin, Dale Inman, built the cars for him. Indeed, Richard’s strong support system has helped him catapult to greater heights in the racing industry.

Having finished a total of 1, 184 races in the NASCAR events, Richard retired in 1992. Over the course of his career, he won 200 races. In that same year, President George Bush awarded him the Medal of Freedom Award.

This is a noble award given to America’s civilians. In 1997, Richard was inducted by the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. After many years, in 2010, he took part in the inaugural class of the NASCAR’s Hall of Fame.

Richard’s nickname, “The King” is perpetually tied with his skill and expertise in racing. His legacy continues to live and bring inspiration to the younger generation. As a real go-getter, Richard made sure that his wins and triumphs in racing are all remembered.