Justin Gatlin: What is he doing now?

9 May 2022

 After recently announcing his retirement, Justin Gatlin will be remembered as the US Track and Field athlete with 15 Olympic and world medals to his name.

Apart from having a controversy of bans on his record and failing to join the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics 2020 due to a reported hamstring injury, the athlete decided to keep his athletic uniform and shoes at a complete stop and then began to reminisce how it all started in his social media accounts to commemorate his retirement. He announced this timing on his 40th birthday.

Last year, he had a few highlights by winning the Tom Jones Memorial Invitational against a few contenders considered equally athletic to him.

What is He Up to Now?

This Year, Justin will be an Ambassador for the 14th edition of Procam International promoters of the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) World 10K Bengaluru. The race is set for May 15, 2022, and the athlete has shared his excitement via social media again.

He has mentioned that it is honoring and a humble experience to be a holder of an international ambassador title for one of India’sIndia’s sporting events. He can share his legacy with a massive crowd of people unified in sports, whether or not it may be track and field.

Apart from being booked as an ambassador for a running event in India, the retired athlete has found a passion that helps him continue his love for sports uniquely.

Coaching a team of 11-year-olds

Justin Gatlin has led and coached a team of young 11-year-old athletes battling supremacy for track and field discipline and victory. The Pressure Track Club is a relay team Gatlin has been handling and is set to debut for their AAU Junior Olympic Games events.

The team has battled out this summer, last April 30, 2022. The Amateur Athletic Union and Gatlin himself plan on making a docuseries showcasing the rivalry between the United States of America and Jamaica- the known powerhouses of track and field called “Protect The Crown.”

This will highlight how they mentally and physically prepare as an alpha elite track team of young American athletes against the contenders and skillful track and field athletes of Jamaica.

It is set in preparation for how the upcoming series features Justin Gatlin’s guidance and mentoring technique in trying to beat their Jamaican competitors. This partnership with the AAU helps Gatlin promote the event, and Junior Olympic Games are set for August 1-8, 2022.

They are now all in Miami to finish filming the first half of the docuseries while having to prepare and train for their big game overseas as they represent the country of the USA.

Helping upcoming athletes

In a recent interview, he stated that he did want to work with building careers and mentoring the right foundation for upcoming athletes and contenders. He has been using his credentials and connections in working with a wealth management firm that is also involved in career building in various sports.

He is also occupied now and is invited to numerous occasions and events as a speaker to set a good example to young ones and individuals aspiring to be known athletes of their generation and time.

One example is his brief yet impactful sharing in Miami Northwestern Senior High. Justin Gatlin has instilled in the audience’s minds there to always go for the gold in life and to believe in themselves.

New Endings and New Beginnings

Justin Gatlin has retired for sure from his journey into the world of track and field and collecting more wins while representing the United States of America.

However, as a professional athlete and an inspiration to many, his legacy and contributions to the sport of track and field and camaraderie among athletes local and international will always be remembered.

He now focuses on mentoring and guiding up-and-coming younglings that have a dream of reaching the finish line alongside their beloved country and bringing pride to their names and identity.

In Justin Gatlin’s case, It is safe to say that some endings do not mean the race or journey is made. Still, it only means that a new chapter is opened and awaits other opportunities and tracks needed to run along to get that gold before finally crossing the finish line.