Is the Goswim app free?

24 September 2022

For those who are passionate about swimming and also want to improve in the water comes the GoSwim app. It can be very useful but is the GoSwim app free and what is some other information that you need to know about it? Just carry on reading to find out.

What is GoSwim?

The GoSwim app has so many features to help you make your swimming the best that it can be. It is suitable for all types of swimmers and you can learn through guided workouts and customized lessons. While there are other swimming apps out there, GoSwim has won awards for exactly how it works. Improving yourself physically might seem like a bit of a headache at times but if swimming is what you are really passionate about, it is always worth improving on what you can already do.

Is the GoSwim app free?

The great news for you is that you can take advantage of most of the features of GoSwim completely free of charge by downloading the app, there is also a premium version if you want access to a little more, of which there will be a monthly fee.

What you can have access to with the free version, however, includes the following.

  • The weekly theme. This is usually something pretty fun and there will be seven videos uploaded around that theme that you can watch and learn from.
  • An array of workouts where you will literally be taught different skills when it comes to swimming.
  • You will discover how to use your swimming data to calculate your stroke efficiency index score. This basically tracks your activity in the water and helps you to become a better swimmer.

If you pay a monthly membership fee of $9.99 a month or an annual fee of $79.99 a month, you will have access to the previously mentioned features, in addition to the following.

  • Full access to the complete GoSwim library which includes thousands of videos.
  • There will be suggested videos attached to your workouts so that you can get tips on what might be worth watching next.
  • You will be able to see SEI-recommended videos to help you improve.
  • You could be more interactive with the GoSwim team and if you have any questions, they might even answer them for you in video form.
  • Instant access to GoSwim.TV, which can again be very useful.

You should now feel like you know more about GoSwim and exactly what it can provide you. Whether you are a newbie or a pro at swimming, it is never too late to keep learning and improving what you can do. So with that in mind, you might want to download it and give it a try for yourself. While there is a free version, it might be worth paying a subscription so that you can push yourself to your limits when it comes to swimming. That is not necessary however and you can still boss your swimming game with the free version of the app.