How much does Play it Again Sports pay

25 September 2022

Play It Again Sports is passionate about giving previously used sports gear a second chance at success. To accommodate customers with varying needs and budgets, they purchase, sell, and exchange a wide selection of sports and exercise equipment.

They provide customers with a massive inventory of high-quality sports gear from all the major brands at rock-bottom pricing. Franchisees can expect a high return on their investment thanks to their well-known brand and extensive advertising campaign.

 Play It Again Sports, the pioneer in the retail resale franchise industry, was established in 1983 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is owned by Winmark Corporation. In 1988, Winmark started franchising the Play It Again idea, and today there are more than 300 locations across the country. It has become a dominant force in the North American sporting goods market, selling more new and used equipment than any other company.

How do Play It Again sports work?

You can quickly and easily sell your used sports equipment and exercise gear without needing an appointment. There is always something fresh in the shop because they buy a wide variety of high-quality secondhand athletic products and constantly replenish their inventory. Our marketplace allows athletes of all ages to unload their gently-used but still-useful equipment.

What type of sports gear does Play It Again buy and sell?

Plat It Again Sports are always looking to purchase gently used sports and exercise equipment. Whatever the weather, we shop all day, every day. You don’t have to schedule a meeting in advance. They purchase sporting goods if they are in demand and are played in their area. Play It Again Sports are not capable of buying or selling guns and ammunition.

How much does Play It Again typically pay for equipment?

It depends. They consider the item’s brand, condition, and market demand in determining their purchase prices. When they resell something, it’s usually for 40-60% of what the same thing would cost brand new right now. Depending on supply and demand, as well as the state of the product’s current equivalents in stock, you could earn 30%-50% of that amount.

Does Pay It Again only sell used sports equipment?

Their stock includes both refurbished and brand-new items. They also stock new things to make up for when they are out of excellent used machinery or to please consumers who would rather have brand-new machinery at a discount. If you have any used sporting goods or exercise machines lying around, they would love to make you an offer on them right now.

Does Pay It Again buy used athletic footwear, jerseys, and clothing?

Used sports shoes, performance attire, and cold-weather gear are all items they’ll buy. The majority of their purchases are technical materials designed for use in sports rather than as casual everyday wear. We only buy lightly worn, spotless, original-condition athletic shoes and apparel.

How much does Play It Again Sports pay for bikes?

Play It Again can purchase bicycles from anyone. But per their regulations, it would depend on the quality of the bike and how much damage it has garnered for the duration of its stay with the owner. Some have managed to sell their bicycles to a local Pay It Again store for around $30 to $40, and this is because of the brand and quality when they sell them to Pay It Again.

How much does Play it Again Sports pay for golf clubs?

Play It Again charges between $4 and $15 for golf clubs, with the price varying according to the club’s status, brand, and quality. Again, this will be contingent on the golf club you provide to them.

How much does Play it Again Sports pay for bats?

Still, the price would be determined by the brand and quality of the bat, but approximately $25 is the going rate for bats purchased by Play It Sports. Most significantly, if it has been used very little or is brand new, the price might go even higher.

How much does Play It Again Sports pay for dumbbells?

Play It Sports can buy dumbbells from you depending on their quality. If it’s worn out or rusted a lot, they would sell it for less or not buy it. If you have a good quality set of dumbbells, then they would be able to sell them to you for around $20 or more, depending on the brand and make.

How much does Play it Again Sports pay for soccer cleats?

Depending on the quality of your soccer cleats, Play It Again can purchase them from you at around $40 to $60 based on the wear and tear it has garnered over its lifetime. Sometimes the price could go lower depending on the value it still holds for them. But most of the time, soccer cleats sell well, especially during the season.

Is play it again sports reliable

Play It Again Sports has been successful due mainly to the value it provides to its customers. Parents who want to sign their kids up for (often many) sports are greeted with significant obstacles, such as the excessive expense of new equipment. Franchisees, as re-sellers of gently used sports equipment, can help parents afford to expose their children to a variety of activities.

Play It Again Sports can retain all of its customers’ value over time since they are both buyers and sellers of used sports gear. When their kids outgrow their equipment, parents can sell it back to Play It Again Sports at a discount. In addition, they have an incentive because it lowers the total cost of the subsequent set of machinery.


The buy-and-sell shop, Play It Again Sports, is a traditional business that brings in revenue. They make money by purchasing items at or somewhat below their cost and then reselling them to end users for profit. Companies such as Play It Again Sports can succeed in the Sporting Goods Stores market, characterized by moderate levels of competition, by vigilantly monitoring and limiting their spending and cultivating a customer base loyal to the brand. Customers are most valuable when they become loyal and make multiple purchases over time, which fuels decisions regarding stock and budget.