How Much Does a Wrestling Ring Cost?

If you own a gym or are a promoter of wrestling events, you will need a wrestling ring. This is a stage where the matches take place. Usually, it’s a square-shaped box composed of a steel frame and a wooden stage, padded with foam and covered with canvas. The ring is usually surrounded by three or four ropes.

You can build your own wrestling ring as a DIY project giving you a chance to add some cool features. The alternative is to get a ready-made ring. So how much does a wrestling ring cost? Here’s a deep dive.

The cost of a wrestling ring

As far as the cost of a wrestling ring is concerned, you get what you pay for. That means you can squeeze the budget and get very little, i.e., a poor working environment or invest an adequate amount ($3000-$10,000) and get an excellent wrestling ring.

Building your wrestling ring with better materials will yield a fabulous ring. It also means a better overall look and safety. After all, you want a good working environment.

The first thing most wrestlers do inside a wrestling ring is walk in it and then go over the ropes to stretch. The significance of these moves is that they are able to determine whether the ring is safe and functional. So, if you really want something good, you should spend your money on the best possible equipment. That way, everything is safe.

The safest pro-wrestling rings feature the following:

·    Interlocking steel frame

·    Steel tube corner posts to provide great bounce and strength

·    Steel side rails featuring truss-style connections that attach easily to the poles

·    Padding made from closed-cell dense foam

·    Wooden board

·    Canvas mat cover

·    Deluxe Turnbuckle pads

·    Turnbuckle covers

·    Lacing rope for turnbuckle and mat cover

If you can afford these materials, you can follow the online instructions and build yourself a wrestling ring. The whole project can range between $5000 and $10,000 depending on the quality of materials and deals you get. Alternatively, you can buy read-made pro-wrestling rings but expect to pay a little more because of the cost of labor and shipping.

Now, if you don’t have that kind of money and still would like to own a wrestling ring, you can go the inexpensive route. Of course, this is not recommended because of safety issues, but still, it’s possible to build a cheap wrestling ring.

What is the cost of building a cheap wrestling ring?

It normally costs $300 to build a wrestling ring out of cheap material purchased at local hardware stores. You will have to collect the following materials to build an inexpensive wrestling ring:

·    Metal poles

·    Plywood

·    Tires

·    Tarps

·    Padding

The plywood goes first on the ground to create something like a bed. Next follows the rubber tires, then cover the whole thing with a tarp and nail its sides into the sides of the plywood. Finally, set metal poles at the corners of the ring and connect ropes. You can drill hooks on the metal poles so that it’s easy to connect ropes. Just remember to add padding to the hooks so people won’t get hurt.

Of course, you get what you pay for. A cheaply made ring can be a deathtrap. There’s an increased risk of injuries because tires aren’t soft, and also, wrestlers can fall through the tire holes unless you put a mattress and a piece of wood over the tires and cover everything with a soft material. The other risk is that the ring can collapse, forcing you to cancel the show and refund the money.


If you love wrestling, building a wrestling ring can be a fun project. But keep in mind, you get exactly what you pay for. You can build a $300 ring with cheap materials from your local hardware. But don’t expect a cheap wrestling ring to support Rey Mysterio-like moves. It can collapse, leaving wrestlers with injuries, forcing you to cancel shows, and even lose business. If you are a serious wrestling promoter or gym owner, you want a safer, workable wrestling ring. Of course, these cost upwards of $5000, but the advantage is they inspire wrestlers to give their best.